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How To Keep Your Sex Life Hot After Many Years of Being Together

Natali Greco |

As you may already know, marriage or being together without wedlock can bring us many of life’s greatest joys – but if we aren't vigilant it can also lead to a kind of sexual stagnation that we all wish to avoid. There are many clichés about loveless or sexless relationships created by too much familiarity and allowing your sex sessions to get into a repetitive rut. That’s why AdultLuxe is taking the time to lay out some key tips on the many ways to keep your sex life interesting, rewarding and exciting!

1 – Use What You Know About Each Other In Bed

After many years together you have each learned a lot about each other. Perhaps you know his favorite flavor is orange? Find an orange body lotion or scented lube to heighten his arousal. On the other hand, maybe she has always had a thing for the color pink? Why not find some sexy lingerie or sex toy styled in her favorite hue? All the things we learn about each other or from each other outside of the bedroom is fair game in bed, and the more you make use of your intimate knowledge, the more personal your lovemaking becomes.

2 – Be Willing To Discuss New Fetishes and Kinks 

On the other side of that same coin, consider the idea of trying something new! Yes, we all like certain things in bed, but then there are other kinds of kinks that may or may not be your thing. It’s of paramount importance that you both be willing to openly discuss new kinks, and be willing to try them with an open mind. After all, missionary position alone is unlikely to keep anyone fully satisfied forever.

3 – Always Keep Your Toy Inventory Well Stocked

Thankfully there are so many different kinds of sex toys these days. Toys for her, toys for him, BDSM gear, vibrators, clamps, sleeves and so many other toys that can turn even the most ordinary sex into mind-blowing romantic interludes of lust. Feel free to stock up and get all the latest trending sex toys here at AdultLuxe!

4 – Consider Adding Additional Playmates

Some couples open the bedroom door to the idea of polyamory. Would you like to be part of a new threesome or group swinger culture? Finding clandestine swinger associations and hot dates as a couple is easier than ever thanks to all the adult online dating sites that now service the open relationship community. It may not be a fit, but it’s at least worth discussing with your love.

5 – The Most Important Part of Sex Is…. Having Sex!

If you learn nothing else, learn this… you can’t have great sex unless you have sex. The most important part of having great sex is being sexually active on a frequent basis. The more sex you have together, the better honed your will become toward each other’s needs and the better able you will become at fully satisfying yourself and the playmate in life you love the most!

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