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Tip 3: Always Keep Your Toy Inventory Well Stocked

Natali Greco |

A huge misconception that has stuck around for far too long is that sex toys can hinder your intimacy and/or sex life with your partner; this could not be further from the truth. It makes sense that perhaps, some may have a fear of relying on it too much for full satisfaction, and that is understandable. However, the likelihood of this happening is very low. In fact,  A 2016 study done by Chapman University’s David Frederick, Ph.D., "found that women and men who reported feeling satisfied by their relationship and the sex that they had with their partners were more likely to report having used sex toys together."

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The addition of sex toys can bring intimacy, or revive it, in your relationship. It is important to have open communication, and sex toys are a huge projection of that. What could possibly be more vulnerable than suggesting a third party in your bed? The correlation between good communication and a happy relationship can also be read about here. In general, the level of openness within a couple is highly reflected in the couple's overall happiness, which does include their sex life.

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When you're ready to stock up on toys to keep your intimacy in tip-top shape, make sure you check out some of our clients' favorites.

For her pleasure: Jopen Pave Liz Finger Ring Shaped Vibrator, Mini Neon Vibrator, INMI Moving Head Silicone Rabbit Vibrator  

For his pleasure: Satisfyer One Ring with App, Screaming O Primo Apex Vibrating Cock Ring, Alpha-Pro-P-Pounce Double Thumping Prostate Stimulator

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Be sure to check out How to Keep Your Sex Hot for a full list of tips and keep an eye out for Tips 4 and 5 coming soon! 
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