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Tip 4: Consider Adding Additional Playmates

Natali Greco |

Okay, this one is a bit unorthodox and might make you want to run for the hills- I get it! But hear (or read) me out for a bit. Most of us probably grew up believing monogamy is the only form of love and intimacy, looking at anything else as weird, crazy, and promiscuous. However, if you're open to trying new experiences with your partner, this is an option you might want to consider. 

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First, let me clarify that it is not a fix. If your relationship is suffering in any area a threesome will not fix it. You know what they say, a kid, ring, or threesome is not going to keep your partner, and it's true. So please, if you have bigger issues, consider couple's therapy, open communication, or any other form of addressing it. 

Now, for those that are in a healthy, stable, confident state with their relationship but want to spice things up in the bedroom, this is the blog for you. Adding a third person to your bed could mean fantasies being fulfilled, double the pleasure, or a "never-doing-that-again" experience- but you will have tried something absolutely new with your partner, and that's what (or one of the things) that keeps a relationship alive. Ever gifted your partner an experience for an anniversary or birthday and found it to be way better than any expensive material you could have bought? There is a reason a relationship grows fonder through experiences- you're living life together

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Therefore, together, you can experience life a little differently in the bedroom too. So how to go about this experience? First and foremost, be honest. If you or your partner suggests adding a person to your intimate life, whether once or multiple times, you have to many sure you are being honest with each other. You cannot agree to something that will discomfort you simply to make your partner happy; doing so will most likely have a counter effect. 

Once you both honestly agree on an arrangement, pick a person together. It is recommended to choose someone that is a stranger to both of you. Exes and friends can bring baggage and result in awkwardness or regret. Choose someone you're both attracted to as well. If one has preference over the other, the whole thing can end in jealousy or regret (again). Finally, make sure you set boundaries and keywords to use during the act. Be clear on what you're willing to do, where your limits are, and how to stop should anyone want to. Be clear on what will happen afterwards or during, what will happen if one of you decides to back out midway. And have a conversation after the fact. Don't just bring a third person in and never talk about it again. If you prefer to move on and forget about the experience because of how much you disliked it, tell your partner that before throwing it into the back burner. 

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I understand this tip may not resonate with everyone, and that is okay. But if you're curious, at all, it might not hurt to at least have the conversation with your partner. Who knows, you might not end up with a threesome, but you might end up aware another kink your partner has been wanting to try! 

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