Tip 1: Use What You Know About Each Other In Bed

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Sexual activity among couples is a significant contributor towards staying together. A low level of activity can often lead to separation (or divorce) (click here for full research). Thus, it is important to stay creative and incorporate changes that can help spice things up when they’re dying down. Using what you already know about your partner can be a super beneficial (and easy) way to keep your chemistry alive. Your partner is, or should be, your best friend, so who will know more than you about their likes and dislikes?

Does your partner like sweet scents? Spray some of their favorite perfume on you, or use that lotion they go crazy over, right before bed. Reel them in like a kid in a candy store. Wear lingerie in their favorite color, and then tease them about taking it off. Is there a favorite dessert that is safe to bring to bed? Grab some and incorporate it into foreplay. What about TV shows. Did they have a character crush growing up? Do some internet browsing and find an inexpensive version of that costume, who needs fancy lingerie when a few clothing items can be more than enough?


5 love languages


Further than the materialistic aspects of “spicing things up”, love languages are crucial in keeping a healthy sex life, and therefore healthy relationship, alive. You need to know your partner’s love language in order to please them, and vice versa. For instance, an individual with “words of affirmation” as their love language would probably need to hear how enjoyable intimacy is with them, how much you are enjoying yourself during the act, and/or how much you love them (during, before, or after). One with physical touch as their love language might get highly turned on by a massage with infused oils prior to having sex (find some of the best ones here). You’d be surprised how much louder a person hears you in their language. For a full list of love languages click here!

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