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What, where, how?! An introduction to Dildo's and Vibrators with a Special Guest: Butt Plugs!

Natali Greco |

So, you've learned about the different types of female orgasms; you've learned about the different erogenous zones to stimulate to reach said orgasms; therefore, it must be time for the next step: the introduction of toys to get these orgasms on steroids! Now before you turn off your screen and run away, give me about 30 seconds ... if I don't catch your attention, by all means go on your merry way and I will not be offended.

Let me start by clarifying that my intent is not to convince you to go out and spend your entire pay check on sex toys, nor is it to convince you to at least have a fun drawer -- not at all. My intent here is to educate you and answer any questions that you may be too shy to ask your mom, your bestest friend, or even your partner. Like, for instance, what's the difference between a vibrator and a dildo? Do they come in different sizes? Do they hurt? What if I have never used one before? What if I don't live alone and the thought of anyone figuring out what I ordered terrifies me? Whatever your concern may be, I will try to set your mind at peace so that you, or your partner, or even someone you know that could benefit from an adult toy, can have the fun they're entitled to!

For starters, adult toys are not for everybody, and that's okay! However, everybody should try them at least once in their lifetime, otherwise how would they know whether it really suits them or not, right? The number of toys available can be overwhelming for a new consumer. The rule of thumb is to start small (no pun intended) and work your way up to the more advanced options. For instance, I would highly recommend a simple toy like the classic vibrators such as the Bullet or the Lelo Liv 2. These are very easy to use, and pretty much serve a single purpose: to vibrate on location and stimulate you to the point of orgasm. They are best used on the clit or nipples. 

Once you're ready to explore further, I'd recommend more elaborate vibrators like The Rose Collection. This brand new luxury collection was designed to attend every one of your (or your partner's) needs. Although the entire collection is shaped beautifully like a rose, each individual vibrator has its unique features. For instance, The AdultLuxe Godsend Rose Sucker with Thrusting Dildo is actually not a vibrator at all. It has a rose head with a sucking function that, like vibrators, can be used on either nipples or clit, but will not vibrate on them. The dildo tail is made of silicone (just like our entire line of products) to smoothly and safely penetrate (preferably) the vagina. It can technically be inserted anywhere you'd like, but that is NOT safe and we do not recommend experimenting to that extent.

For the sake of sticking to vibrating toys, The Rose Tongue Tickler with Flapping Dildo is a unique selection from its kind. First and foremost, the rose head, similar to the rest of The Rose Collection, is intended for clit and nipple stimulation. However, unlike the Godsend Sucker, this one features a tongue shape that simulates oral sex. The tongue extension can vibrate in 10 different licking patterns to satisfy its consumer's (cough*your*cough 😉 ) needs. The way this licking feature works is very similar to the classic vibrators previously mentioned! What is not common, nonetheless, is the dildo tail. Unlike other dildos, this one does not thrust or vibrate in place, rather, it flaps up and down. The flapping imitates the "come here" motion mentioned in our blog "No vaginal orgasm? No problem. A Guide to Different Female Erogenous Zones and their Perspective O's," meaning, it is exactly what you need for a vaginal orgasm. The flapping is tremendously helpful in reaching and stimulating the G-spot. Whether it's licking or sucking, an intermediate user cannot go wrong with any of our Rose Collection Vibrators.

For those that are quite advanced, or simple want to shoot for our higher end products, the VibePad 2 Grind Vibrator is an incredible choice. I would recommend it to more advanced sex toy fanatics simply because it requires comfort, balance, and creativity. Like the rest of our toys, the actual use of it is simple and straightforward. However, it requires a confident and sexually comfortable person to sit on a vibrating pad and grind as if on the real thing to obtain all the benefits the pad has to offer. It's also on the pricier side of the spectrum, and we wouldn't want anyone wasting money without knowing if toys are even their thing. Regardless, we do offer a generous return and refund policy, but why have you going through all the trouble? 😉 We're in the business of pleasing, not stressing!

In conclusion, we recommend working your (or your partner's) way up to the more intricate vibrators in our website. About 69% of women in the US use a vibrator, meaning, now more than ever it is the perfect time to go ahead and try it for the first time. Still not convinced? Our own research and sales analytics show that November is one of the busiest months for vibrator sales. Stiiiillll need a bit of a push? Grab a pen and paper, explore our website, and write down any toys that catch your interest. Either research them or email us with any questions (or email me personally at, and mark your favorites. Next, set a reminder for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and have a blast taking full advantage of our sales! 😉 The cherry on top? We offer discreet shipping every single time, so no one will ever know what's in our delivery!

And because I like to keep my word, in case it didn't become clear throughout the article: the difference between a dildo and vibrator is that a dildo is intended for penetration while a vibrator is meant to be used externally on the surface of erogenous zones of the body. If you're past dildo's and vibrators, and butt play is more of your thing, check out our whole Anal Sex series, written specifically to commemorate Anal August!

I believe that's all the information I promised, and I thank you for giving me more than thirty seconds. We always value your time and experience, and would love to hear from you! Make sure to follow us on IG @adultluxe or message us below with any comments or concerns!



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