Nut November: Prevent Cancer, Play with Your Prostate!

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We've learned so much about how to please a woman, how to stimulate a woman (blog here in case you missed it 😉), and how to reach the infamous G-spot. However, it's time we speak about male orgasms, male stimulation, and male satisfaction --- especially given that November is Men's Mental Health Month! 

Where do we begin then? How about the fact that there's a lot more to male pleasure than simply a hard-on and ejaculation. Yes, the penis is the most prevalent erogenous zones and the most commonly associated with orgasms, but the male body has so many more erogenous zones and infinite pleasure potential! For starters, an often missed opportunity for heterosexual men is the prostate (or P- spot). The P-spot itself is located about 2 inches into the rectum and can be stimulated via penetration or external arousal (P-spot stimulation has also been linked with lowering risk of prostate cancer). For external arousal, the scrotum is a perfect zone to start experimenting with.

Scrotum: is the skin that protects the testicles. It goes without saying how sensitive this area is, such is the case that we can use it in our favor when it comes to sexual stimulation. In particular, the area in between, called the raphe, is extremely pleasurable. Many men feel aroused by the touch of the tongue and lips caressing this area. Due to the sensitivity of the zone, it is necessary to play with the sensations that are awakened, which can vary between tickling and pain -Anel Martinez, Sexologist 

I know, this might sound scary. Society has trained us to think that heterosexual men don't receive any sort of penetration or stimulation in certain areas. But stay with me! All information I'm provided is from an expert, so you might want to, at minimum, keep these tools in the the back of your head in case you ever feel a bit adventurous. Our LGBQT+ friends, have you experimented with any of the following erogenous zones? Have you ever reached pleasure and/or orgasms from any of the following suggestions? Let us know! 

Some secondary points often ignored are ones that we've discussed in regards to female stimulation, such as the thigh, nipples, and neck. Men too, can be stimulated by play on the chest and nipples (especially with tongue and lips), kisses on the nape of the neck (or licking), and caresses on the inner thighs (or, again, licks 😉). Experts also suggest temperature play with these areas, such as ice cubes. If you're captivated by hotter temperatures, the back would probably be your safest bet (and yes it's an erogenous zone as well!). For heat, try incorporating melting candles designed for sexual play.

Furthermore, the gluteus and earlobe are also significant areas! Have you ever licked your man's earlobe while he's trying turn you on by kissing the nape of your neck? The tables quickly turn --- trust me. The buttocks was a shocker to me, but I must try it! As a bodybuilder, I am a hugggeee butt fan. I love men with perky butts. But I had no idea that men can enjoy being grabbed and played with in that area as well. Who would have thought? Men and women are more alike than we imagined 😛.

What do you think so far? Are we on to something, or does all this sound bogus? Are you intrigued by the information or are you a know-it-all... I mean expert? If you'll have me, I'll happily continue for the slim chance that, regardless of who you are or if you're reading for yourself or your partner, you're either entertained, fascinated, or actually learning! 

Areas that have probably been constantly overlooked include the navel (or rather, the area between the navel and the thighs), hands (specifically the palms), knees, armpits, and eyelids. As random and unbelievable as these may seem, give them a try before forming a conclusion. The area between the navel and thighs "can increase sexual tension when it is stimulated" (Martinez) especially with lips or tongue. Additionally, the hips and pelvic area are an amusement park of sexual pleasure. You can turn on your male partner equally or more by playing around the penis than solely performing a blowjob. 

The palms and the back of the fingers are perfect erogenous zones for texture play. Have you incorporated feathers yet? Have you ever caressed your partners fingers one by one with a soft touch? Or worked your way through their whole hand by sucking and kissing a finger at a time? Thank me later 👌🏻💋. 

The eyelids, although tiny, are sensitive spots because, similar to the clit and penis, they have tons of nerve-endings. A soft kiss or smooth, tender caress is all it takes to bring this zone into the [arousal] party. Similarly, the armpits and knees are sensitive to touch. They can be tricky due to the high sensitivity, thus, communication is essential. The line between tickling and sexual arousal is lean and delicate, which can turn things sour rapidly if dissatisfaction is not clearly communicated.

That about wraps up all the erogenous zones you (and/or your partner) should be aware of for exploration purposes. Nonetheless, if you'd like to read further in detail about these arousal areas, or others that I may have missed, click here to learn from an expert!

As always, happy to bring awareness to the endless possibilities for your sexual fantasies! Please leave a comment below or DM us on IG at @adultluxe with any comments, suggestions, or concerns you may have!



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