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Anal August

by Natali Greco on August 16, 2021

Happy Anal August friends! 

Did you know that was a thing? Yeah, neither did I, but that's why we're in this together! We learn and grow side-by-side. So what is Anal August? Simple. It's your friendly reminder that your back hole has pleasure in it too and needs to be recognized for it! Although not necessary, this is the perfect excuse to try something you would otherwise be too shy to bring up.

Anal is becoming quite popular among those younger than 45, with 36% of women and 44% of men (link here) reporting to have tried it! If you thought you were an odd ball for being curious, there is your confirmation that you are not. And if you thought everyone was doing it and you felt pressure to join the club, there's your confirmation that not everyone is on the same boat. Sex, especially anal sex, is about FUN and PLEASURE. You should ever only try what pleases you and fulfills your wants. 

With that being said, anal has many, many, many possibilities, and we will be exploring these throughout August in our Anal Series. For now, let me give you some tips and facts on how to properly anal. First, remain safe and healthy! The skin inside the anus is more sensitive than the vagina's and does not create its own lubrication (lose-lose, I know). Good news, there are ways to fix this. Make sure you're applying external lubrications (you can find some good options here), and go slow! Toppers, don't force yourself into your partner. Slow and steady definitely wins this race. Bottoms, speak up and let your partner know if you're feeling discomfort and/or pain, especially if you're at the verge of tears. The trick to anal is to take your time relaxing the sphincter muscle so that penetration can occur. You want this to be a pleasant experiences for both parties, and that can only be achieved if communication is present. Communicate your threshold, the pace, your limits, and of course, when it's finally feeling good.

Once you have the penetration going, enjoy yourself but keep in mind to not go into any other holes until you've either switched condoms or washed used object/body part. Whether it's a penis or fingers, wash thoroughly before inserting into either the vagina or mouth. Unfortunately, the anus carries tons of bacteria that can be easily transmuted, thus, sorry to break it to you lovebirds, but STI's are not your only worry.

Now that safety is settled, first advice in performing anal sex: take your time. I previously mentioned slow and steady wins the race, so make sure you're giving your partner time to open up before SLOWLY slipping inside. It might help to start with one or two fingers or using a toy (find some great ones here) to accustom the anus to any sort of foreign object. Remember, less than 50% of the population has tried this before so chances are you and/or your partner are new to this, learn together! 

With that being said, happy anal-ing lovelies! Make sure to keep up with our August series and read along to your experience level ;)


'till next time, 



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