Anal August for Beginners

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Hey there! If you’ve made it this far it’s probably because you’re either very curious, you support my writing (thanks!), or you want to learn the best practices towards starting your anal journey. Let me remind you, anal sex can be enjoyed by anyone, as long as they want to. It does, however, take more foreplay and preparation than other intercourse.

Anal sex is not just penetration, fingers, toys, and tongue all fall under the anal intercourse umbrella, which is a good thing because one or more will be needed for full penetration! So how do you get started?


First, communication. Make sure you communicate to your partner what you’d like to explore and that they are on board with it. One of the worst pains is being taken by surprise through the back end. Once both you and your partner are aware or the plans, start slow. Lube will be your best friend in this scenario- you cannot attempt anal anything without the incorporation of a lubricant! Without it, there will be tearing, pain, and higher risk of infection transmission.

Once the receiver is ready, introduce a form of penetration. A single finger or one of our beginner toys (anal beads are a great option for this). Slowly stick to this size until the receiver is ready. Receiver, communicate when you’re comfortable and ready for more. Gradually increase the size of the object that is being inserted, and don’t be afraid to take breaks (kiss a bit, nibble here and there, you know whatever keeps you both stimulated!). Most importantly, remember that stopping IS OKAY. The receiving partner does not have to continue if it does not feel pleasurable at any moment.

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Safety is always crucial during sex, but especially during anal. Remember to clean up or switch condoms before entering elsewhere in your partner. STI’s are not your only worries, the skin around the anus also contains plenty of bacteria that can be transmuted and cause vaginal infections.

Speaking of bacteria, yes poop can be involved in anal sex. Get over it. If the chance of coming across fecal matter freaks you out, you have no business trying it out. It will not always be the case but be mentally prepared to clean it up if it does appear.

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And lastly, orgasms, like the absence of poop, are not promised. Some can be stimulated enough to the point of orgasm due to the proximity to the prostate, however, all bodies are different. If the receiving partner is a female, simultaneous clitoris play may aid in reaching orgasm during anal penetration.

Most importantly, follow your instincts and have fun with your partner! It’s always nice to try new things together, and it doesn’t mean they have to stay. Check out some of our beginner kits for the extra help, and our tips to keeping your sex life steamy after years together :) Explore, love, lust, enjoy!


Happy Anal August!


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