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Hey there! Hope you’re enjoying our August content so far. This one in particular is geared to those of you who are less new to anal sex but would still benefit from a few tips and suggestions. As I mentioned in our last post, anal sex can be very enjoyable for both parties, with some women even capable of reaching orgasms, the trick is to keep it safe and slow while keeping open communication throughout.

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For those of you more familiar with the act, the secret to getting the most for your bang is position. With lube (click here for some great options) as your third party, be adventurous and heat things up with positions such as the Lap Dance, in which the topper sits on their partner and controls how deep (or not) penetration occurs. Lying Doggy is a shallower penetration perfect for those with a bit of experience but not quite ready for a major advance, and the Backdoor Missionary allows you guys to look at each other during sex (hello intimacy!). For a list of more positions you can try, click here for the top 15 Anal Positions for Intermediate to Advanced Couples.

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Anal foreplay is also a significant aspect of anal sex, and sometimes even better than the act itself. Foreplay can include butt massages and “rimming”, and the set up of a safe word for when the action takes place. A good time for women to try anal sex is during that time of the month. Many have reported to enjoy it more (especially if messy sex is not their thing). Something that can be done prior to penetration is massing and warming up the anus, especially with some erotic oils or lotions. Another would be a sacral massage- the massaging of the lower back area to loosen up the muscles and consequently, your partner. A sacral massage can go a long way for the receiving partner, and therefore, the top partner as well. As mentioned in our other post, simultaneous clit stimulation, especially done with one of our favorite gadgets, goes a looongggg way top! For an entire list of tips from Cosmopolitan, you can click here :)

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Most importantly, continue to explore together and don’t be afraid to communicate what you like and dislike!

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