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Vibrators 101: A No-Nonsense Guide to Vibrators, their Uses, and Benefits

Natali Greco |

We've previously discussed the many benefit of sex and how good for the body it can be. Well, I'm here to remind you that intercourse is not the only option to staying on top of your game. Did you know that 76% of women masturbate? Yes, 76! Even though most think that that number is lower, reality is masturbation is a part of a [healthy] life and no one should be ashamed of it. Whether you're old school and prefer one of our classic rabbit vibrators, or a bit more modern and opt for the newer ever-so-pleasant heated ones, it's time do dust them out of that drawer and proudly get use of your beauty! Don't own one yet? Learn about choosing the perfect vibrator here and follow along to learn why you need to order yours ASAP. 

remote control vibrator

First and foremost, who doesn't love sleep? I know I've personally been slacking in that department. I don't know what has been going on lately, but I've been having a hard time falling asleep, to the point go wanting to cry when my alarm goes off the next morning! I guess here's something I should try next time. Vibrators can aid in achieving peaceful, sounder sleep. An orgasm before bed can help relax you into a deeper, better quality sleep due to the prolactin produces during climax. 

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Vibrators are also helpful with stress. Using a vibrator guarantees, 100% (and correct me if I'm wrong) that you'll reach climax. While penetration doesn't always promise that, a vibrator can. And what can climax guarantee? The release of oxytocin and serotonin, AKA, the happy hormones. A dose of orgasm is exactly what the psychiatrist ordered. Get your mental health in check, trust me stress is a silent killer. And if our cute pink bunny can help you, why not let him?

Not only will your mind thank you, but so will your heart. Reducing stress levels also leads to a healthier heart and therefore, less risk of heart disease.

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Did you know vibrators can also help keep your vagina clean?! You know how they say that it stretches out and becomes loose? Yeah false. At least in this sense. Let me walk you through it. Vibrators cause arousal [duh that's the whole point], these arousals generate secretions in the lining of the vagina that help maintain moisture. Moisture increases vaginal elasticity which is essential in a healthy vagina. Then, the opening of the cervix, which also occurs during arousal, releases unwanted cervical fluids that could cause cervix and urinary tract infections, resulting in a healthy vagina, healthy cervix, and healthy (happy) woman.

Vibrators can also help with pain relief, especially period cramps! If messy sex is not your thing, vibrators are a great alternative to get those endorphins going and calm down pains associated with cramps, joints, and headaches. 

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You have full control! Vibrators like [] have different setting options, both for speed and vibration beat. You get to control how fast, or slow, you want to come. And if working with a partner, the possibilities of how to incorporate the third party are endless! Have your partner take control, use it on your partner, stop mid sex and use the toy for assistance, foreplay with the toy, use both simultaneously! Get creative as you'd like, with consent of course. 

pelvic control vibrator

And finally, your bladder! Your bladder can benefit from vibrator use. Because the vagina contacts during an orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles get a bit of a workout too, which results in, you guessed it, better bladder control. A stronger pelvic floor has also been linked to better orgasms, so it seems like it's a cycle of wins to me. 

Still here? Well, it's time to go babe! Go grab that vibrator and get healthy!


Happy vibes, happy life ;)




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