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Why You Should Use Massage Oils During Foreplay

Natali Greco |

Ever wondered why professional massages, aside from being given by professional hands, always feel so much better than any other pressure causing touch? Big secret is in the massage oils used during said activity! Not only do these beauties lessen the friction between hands and body, but they also provide thee most enchanting aromas, two very important ingredients to a successful massage. 

So, what exactly is in these magical potions? Most, if not all, massage oils are made up of carrier and essential oils. Carrier oils are plant based and extracted from seeds and nuts, such as sweet almond, grapeseed, and olive oil. Essential oils, on the other hand, are extracted through steam distillation from aromatic leaves, flowers, and other parts of the plant. You can learn more about these oils and the different functions here.

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Lastly, there are arousal oils, meant for extreme application on the vulva lips and clitoris to help a woman get wet prior to penetration. Arousal oils are mainly made of essential oils but can be water-based, which is important to note depending on the sex you're practicing. If you're using silicone toys or latex condom, for instance, you will want to stick with a water-based oil. Arousal oils are key to, well you guessed it, reaching arousal. They increase a woman's desire and therefore, result in better sex not just because of the smoother penetration, but because of the toe-twisting sensitivity that results from application. We have some promising options on our arousing lotions section, make sure to take a look on your next visit!

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So the question stands, why use massage oils during foreplay? Simple. Because the possibilities are endless. There's close to nothing more intimate than massaging your partner's body, or being massaged by your partner, slowly feeling those finger tips caressing every inch of your body, relaxing into a Utopia together. Massage oils allow this Utopia to be a smooth and enjoyable one without skin burns, and depending on the type you're using, can then be applied as assistance for the end act. 

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