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The Ultimate Football Game Foreplay Experience

Crystal Hemworth |

Below is an adult game, more like a sex game, that is played during a football game. The events of the football game help determine what happens in the Foreplay game.

So, in this game the players will likely (hopefully) end up with no clothes and a big smile on their face. It is called "Foreplay" because when the football game ends, everyone fucks; the game is all about the foreplay that leads up to the post game wrap up. However that is not to say there might be an orgasm or two along the way.

The game revolves around favours. Favours are awarded after a team scores. When one player wins a favour, the other player must commit to that favour. Below is a list of favours, this is not an exclusive list, either player can add to the list during the game however both players must agree to any new favours added.


  • Remove an article of clothing, requesters choice
  • Go downstairs to get a refreshment- food or drink
  • Consume a drink quickly (Only if you want to though)
  • Perform oral sex- this can be standing, laying back, or face sitting etc: this is very much a requesters choice
  • perform digital stimulation- fingers to pussy, dick , ass etc.- requesters choice
  • erotic massage- wet or dry, head, face, back, neck , pussy, dick, ass etc.- requesters chooses the area to be massaged
  • nipple sucking
  • Vibrator play- magic wand, little multi speed, sit on toy
  • Dildo play- in pussy or up the ass
  • Self pleasuring, putting on a little show

Each player is granted one free favour before game begins; the player can tell the other player to remove an article of clothing or suck down a quick drink or pretty much anything from the list. 

Each player will have one time out per half that can be used any time. A time out can be used to steal one favor or reverse a rule. For example if a player is told to go downstairs and make a drink that player can take a time out and the requesting player will need to go make the drinks. At any time either player can buy one more time out but the other player will get 3 favors.

How to decide who gets which team

• Coin toss- one player picks heads or tails, if that player wins the toss they will choose which team is theirs or allow the other player to choose their team, giving the choice away will allow them to select a favor. If that player looses the toss the choice of which team and a favor will go to the other player.

When a team scores:

• The player whose team scores a touchdown is eligible to pick 1 favor than, if their team makes the extra point they will be eligible to choose a second favor however, if that players team fails to make the extra point, all favors are lost and the other player gets to choose 2 favors.

• The player whose team scores a field goal will be eligible to choose one favor. However if a field goal is attempted and missed the favor goes to the other player.

• For favors where a player is performing an act such as oral sex or an erotic massage the favor will last for as many minutes as the number of points scored, for example if a touchdown and the extra point were scored the favor would last for 7 minutes, a field goal favor would last 3 minutes. Any favor request that is not directly related to a score will be 4 minutes. The exception is of course, clothes; once they are gone, they are gone.

• When one player is receiving a favor, they can use a time out to double that favor. For example a 7 minute erotic massage can turn into a 14 minute massage by the recipient simply using a time out.

Fumbles and interceptions: In the game of football, fumbles and interceptions are very costly; in the Football Foreplay Game, the same is true.

• When a player's team loses control of the ball, the player will also lose control until their team is in possession of the ball again.

• The player who lost control will have their hands tied over their heads standing or laid out spread eagle. Losers choice

• In either case, the bound player will have to submit to whatever intimate actions the other player wishes to impose. This may involve kissing, touching, inserting, vibrating, sucking, licking, oil, lotions, talking dirty. In all cases it is all about intimacy and fun.

• If your team were to fumble or have an interception just before half time, they might not have possession again until after half time.

• Time outs can be used to avoid being tied; if one player uses a time out to avoid being tied the other player will have to take their place.

In the event that a quarter passes with no scoring each player will be awarded 2 favors at the end of each quarter.

If during regular play one of the players really wants an orgasm they have the option to convince the other player that is ok.

Items needed:

Magic wand, dildo or two, slim vib, lube, oil, lotion, towel, couple ropes, towel.

Once all is said and done, the winner will be responsible to plan a sexy date night for both players to enjoy. The date can be out or in but it has to be sexy. Who knows if this game is as much fun as it could be, date night might be to watch another football game.

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