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Spicing Up Your Workout: The Art of Sexercise

Crystal Hemworth |

Hey there, and welcome back to another steamy blog post! If you're tuning in for the first time, it's great to have you here. Previously, we've chatted about spicing things up for women, but today, let's dive into something a bit more exhilarating: Sexercise! Yes, you read that right. Combining sex and exercise not only ignites passion but also keeps you both in amazing shape. But remember, these activities come with a 'try at your own risk' tag!

Why Exercise, Really?

First things first, why do we hit the gym? Beyond health, it's about looking irresistible for your partner. Whether you're into a muscular build or a leaner physique, it's all about mutual attraction and strength - which, by the way, comes in handy for exploring various exciting positions.

There's an undeniable charm in a person who takes care of themselves, striving to look and feel good. It's way more attractive than just lounging around. And ladies, when your man is fresh out of an intense workout, give him a moment. He's probably not in the best state for a deep conversation. A simple, suggestive welcome or a moment of silence with a protein shake can do wonders.

Sex as Exercise? Absolutely!

Did you know that a vigorous lovemaking session can burn around 200 calories per hour? It's not a gym replacement, but definitely a steamy addition to your fitness regime.

Benefits of Sexercise

When considering sex as a form of physical exercise, here are some points to keep in mind:

Cardiovascular Health: Like many workouts, sexual activity can elevate your heart rate, contributing to cardiovascular health.

Calorie Burning: Engaging in sexual activity burns calories, though the amount varies based on the intensity and duration of the activity.

Muscle Toning: Certain sexual positions can engage different muscle groups, similar to various exercises performed at the gym.

Flexibility and Balance: Maintaining different positions during sex can improve flexibility and balance.

Endorphin Release: Sexual activity, like exercise, leads to the release of endorphins, which are natural mood enhancers.

How to Approach it Responsibly?

Consent and Comfort: The most crucial aspect is ensuring all parties are comfortable and consenting.

Communication: Open communication with your partner about expectations, boundaries, and preferences is vital.

Safety First: Prioritize safety and health, including the use of protection to prevent sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

Respecting Limits: Just like in a gym workout, it’s important to listen to your body and not push beyond your comfort and physical limits.

Hydration and Health: Stay hydrated and ensure both partners are in good health, avoiding any activity during illness or injury.

Getting Into the Nitty-Gritty of Sexercise

In the previous para, we mentioned working out together, but let's take it up a notch. These moves can be part of a playful role-play scenario too – think meeting at the gym or playing personal trainer.

Start in the Buff

Yep, shed those clothes. They're only going to get in the way.

Sit-Ups and Push-Ups with a Twist

For sit-ups, add a kiss with every rep. Ladies, position yourselves so your partner's face is near your chest. For push-ups, women, try doing them with your hands on your man's chest. Add a kiss or a gentle bite with each rep if you can. Men, position yourselves for a sensual stroke with each descent.

Bench Press with a Bonus

This one requires a weight bench. Men, while you're bench pressing (with a lighter weight, of course), have your lady ride you.

Women, you can either participate in bench pressing or just enjoy the ride. Remember, safety first!

Dumbbell Curls with a Sensual Reach Around

Be cautious with the weights here. Nobody wants an accidental injury in the midst of passion.

5 Recommended Products for Sexercise

Mango Tropical 6pc Weighted Kegels by Honey Playbox

  • Price: $59.95 (Reduced from $69.95)
  • Design: Set of 6 tropical-fruit-shaped weights for pelvic-floor workouts.
  • Benefits: Aids in reducing incontinence symptoms, improving elasticity, and enhancing sexual satisfaction.
  • Use Case: Ideal for step-by-step muscle training, post-birth recovery, and boosting sexual intimacy.

Playboy Plug & Play Vibrating Butt Plug with Remote
  • Price: $69.95 (Reduced from $103.95)
  • Material: Velvet-smooth silicone with a girthy, tapered design for comfort and stimulation.
  • Features: 10 powerful vibrating speeds and rhythms, controlled by a remote for hands-free play.
  • Convenience: Designed for easy and pleasurable anal exploration, enhancing the user experience.

Colt VixSkin Dildo

  • Price: $102.00 (Reduced from $120.00)
  • Material: Made from 100% premium grade, flexible, and tear-resistant silicone.

  • Realistic Feel: Contains a unique silicone lubricant for a more realistic feel and greater elasticity.
  • Hygiene and Safety: Easy to clean, with a surface that prevents bacteria accumulation.

Gender X True Blue Thrusting Prostate Stimulator

  • Price: $91.95 (Reduced from $136.95)
  • Design: Dual-motor design offering both thrusting and vibrating motions with 10 speed settings.
  • Versatility: Features a textured shaft, a vibrating mini thrust tip, and a flipper for varied stimulation.
  • Additional Features: Water submersible for use in bath or shower and rechargeable for convenience.

Strict Arm Binder Bondage Accessory

  • Price: $54.95 (Reduced from $60.95)
  • Purpose: Designed to restrain the arms behind the back securely.
  • Adjustability: Comes with adjustable straps to fit various sizes, wrapping around the biceps and forearms.
  • Control and Safety: Features locking buckles for secure play and is suitable for various bondage scenarios.

So there you have it, folks – a guide to making your workouts not just productive but also incredibly pleasurable. It's all about being safe and enjoying each other's company in a whole new way. And if you're brave enough to try these out, we'd love to hear how it went. Until then, Happy Sexercising!

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