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Top 5 Must-Have Sex Toys for a Single Male in Swinging Lifestyle!

Crystal Hemworth |

Swinging, the playful lifestyle of engaging in sexual activities with others outside of a monogamous relationship, can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. However, it's important to understand the nuances of this world, especially for single guys stepping into a swinger club. In this blog, we’ll explore how to navigate these waters with grace, respect, and, most importantly, pleasure.

The Swinger Club Experience

Imagine stepping into a swinger club, a space divided into zones each offering a unique experience - from the relaxed Bar and Social Zone to the steamy Action Zone. The key for a single guy is to understand how to blend in respectfully and enjoy the experience without being the proverbial 'creepy guy.'

The Art of Approach

One of the first things to remember is communication is king. If you're a single guy, introducing yourself and engaging in conversation in the social areas is a great start. Remember, a swinger club isn’t just about physical encounters; it's about building connections, even if they're short-lived.

Dress to Impress

Your attire speaks volumes. Swinger clubs may have a relaxed dress code, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't put in effort. A well-ironed shirt and clean, smart attire go a long way in making a positive impression.

Dutch Courage – In Moderation

A drink or two might help to ease nerves, but overindulgence can lead to disappointment, particularly in the performance department. Remember, moderation is key.

Consent is Paramount

Consent is the cornerstone of the swinging lifestyle. Always ensure you have explicit consent before engaging in any activity. This simple rule of respect makes the experience enjoyable for everyone involved.

Condoms: Non-Negotiable

Regardless of what you might see online or in clubs, always use condoms. This isn’t just about your safety but also the safety of others. It's a small step that shows you’re responsible and considerate.

Sex Toy Recommendations for a great Swinging Experience

Swinging can be even more enjoyable with the right products. Here are 5 highly recommended toys from AdultLuxe, along with their ratings and tips on how to use them:

Lelo Sona Cruise Sonic Clitoral Massager 

Rating: 9/10

Why to Get It? This massager uses sonic waves for deep, yet gentle clitoral stimulation. 

How to Use? While the male partner is on top, the female partner or the male partner can use the Lelo Sona on her clitoris, providing an intense clitoral stimulation that can lead to a powerful orgasm. During oral sex, the Lelo Sona can be used simultaneously for clitoral stimulation. 

AdultLuxe Rose Sucker Clitoral & Nipple Sucker with Licking Tail

Rating: 9/10

Why to Get It? The Rose Sucker's viral popularity and discreet noise level makes it a practical addition to the swinging lifestyle. Its dual function of suction and licking tail offers varied sensations that can be a delightful surprise for any partner.

How to Use? While the male partner is on top, the Rose Sucker can be used on the female partner's nipples or clitoris, adding an extra layer of stimulation. During oral sex, the male partner can use the Rose Sucker on the female partner's nipples, enhancing the sensations she experiences.

Strict Arm Binder Bondage Accessory

Rating: 8.5/10

Why to Get It? This arm binder is excellent for couples exploring BDSM. It restricts arm movement, increasing the sense of submission and vulnerability.

How to Use? In the Doggy Style position, the submissive partner can wear the arm binder, with their arms restrained behind their back. Then the submissive partner can also lie on their back with the arm binder on. 

AdultLuxe AIO All In One

Rating: 9.5/10

Why to Get It? With 343 possible pattern combinations, the AIO provides endless possibilities for pleasure, ensuring that the experience can be tailored to the partner’s preferences. 

How to Use? While engaging in doggy style, the AIO can be used to stimulate the clitoris, offering simultaneous internal and external pleasure. As the female partner controls the movement, the male partner can use the AIO for additional clitoral stimulation or G-spot stimulation, depending on the orientation.

AdultLuxe Rose Toy with Suction Pump & Thruster

Rating: 8/10

Why to Get It? The dual functionality of suction and thrusting offers a unique experience that can cater to various preferences, making it a versatile addition to a swinger's toolkit. 

How to Use? In the Spooning position, the male partner can easily handle the Rose Toy, using its thrusting function for penetration while they can simultaneously engage in fondling or kissing. Also, before moving into any penetrative position, this toy can be used during foreplay. The suction pump can be used for clitoral stimulation while the thruster provides the sensation of penetration, effectively building arousal.


Swinging is a world of its own, with unwritten rules and etiquette. For single guys, it's about respect, communication, and understanding the dynamics of the club. With these tips and the right products from AdultLuxe, you’re set for an experience that's both respectful and exhilarating. 

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