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Sex Toys: Expectations vs. Reality

Natali Greco |

Reality rarely ever meets expectations, but that's no reason to not try everything your little heard desires. Bunging jumping, skydiving, quitting your job to travel the world... you name it! If you can dream it, it's probably already a reality in your life- it's just one you haven't met yet. But because you haven't met that destiny yet, doesn't mean you have to sit around fearing your dreams. Sex toys are no different than any other adventures you might be interested in trying, with the exception that they will probably surpass your expectations. 

The thing about sex toys is that they are designed to do one thing: satisfy. They're designed to satisfy the user and, potentially, the partner joining as well. Let's, however, focus on the user for now. Mainly designed with the female anatomy in mind, sex toys are meant to bring new levels of pleasure to women of all ethnicities, sizes, and habits. Doesn't matter what your preferences are, especially obviously, sexually, I assure you there's a sex toy out there for you.

Sure, sex in general can be awkward or disappointing the first few times (just check the wonderful examples described through gifs here). But, using sex toys results in an Earth shattering orgasm every time, guaranteed. When using sex toys, you might expect to feel weird, shy, or awkward. You might expect to not know what to do, or what to place where. And honestly, depending on the toy, you might find yourself lying naked in bed, thinking WTF? Nonetheless, the reality of it all is that you most likely won't. Most toys are self explanatory. Again, they're designed for pleasure, not to confuse you or have you wondering if you made the right call when you purchased it. 

Take our AdultLuxe [Exclusive] Sexy Squirrel Clit Sucker and GSpot Vibrator, for instance. Although the shape is a bit different from the common rabbit vibrator you might be used to seeing, just by looking at it you can accurately what goes where. Even the most beginners of beginners can figure it out, and so could you. Let's just say, the reward is high and the risk is low in the sex toy investment party.

In other words, if your expectations are to be lost, frustrated, and disappointed, the reality will be way off. But, if you're expecting a (couple of) nights to remember, well, then your reality will probably exceed expectations. Go ahead and give it a try and let us know who wins this round: expectations or reality?

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