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A Handy Virtual Reality

by Natali Greco on August 29, 2022

Virtual reality has become quite the sensation over the past few years. From virtual 3D glasses for games and adventures, to a Metaverse that is still not completely defined or understood, the truth is that technology has focused on making cyberspace a more present and significant part of individuals' every day life. Here at AdultLuxe, we're no different. Because we strive to make you happy, to please you, we've teamed up to offer you a virtual reality attached to the real thing. 

The Handy is one of our fans' favorites. It was designed to feel better than the real thing, and virtual reality technology has helped make that happen. You see, while it has amazing features like, "10 strokes per second/600 auto strokes per minute" and "4 Hall sensors, 2 Temperature sensors, 2 Infrared sensors and 1 Lock detect sensor" the best feature is its ability to connect you to your most satisfying experience with some virtual aid. The Handy is capable of easily connecting to videos via wifi and bluetooth to help you "experience mind-blowing video syncs [through] VR to mimic the action happening on screen." What this means is that you download the Handy application (don't worry instructions are included 😉), look up your preference in masterbation video, connect the Handy to your phone via bluetooth and wifi, and click play! Once the action on screen begins, so does the one in real-life. The stroking the Handy provides you then matches the stroke speed going on in the video. In other words, your virtual reality becomes your... well, reality 😛 and your hands remain free & clean at all times!

The Handy is not biased to phone models either, it is compatible with both iPhone's App Store and Google Play. 

And finally, the Handy is easily adjustable to fit any size thanks to its velcro connector.


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