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Is it weird for men to have sex toys?

Natali Greco |

When it comes to adult toys, women have an entire Vegas strip of options- as they should! However, the (often) less talked about audience is also catered for. In recent years, men have become significantly considered in the sex toy industry.

The number of options available to men has increased tremendously, and now men can choose from a selection almost as vast as women's. Men's sex toys include masturbators, penis rings (cock rings), penis pumps, sleeves and extensions, the classic blow up dolls (which continue becoming more realistic and sophisticated as technology evolves), anal and prostate toys, and even oral sex enhancers and toys. 

I understand that it can be overwhelming trying to choose, if at all, a toy for yourself, especially if you didn't know half of these (or any of these for that matter) existed. Thus, like I've done for women in the past, I'm here to help you navigate this fascinating world of body-safe silicone and stainless steel responsible for euphoric sensations. 

For starters, let's go over some of your options together. The Masturbators, for instance, are some of your more classic choices. In basic terminology, they are exactly what they sound like, holes designed for your pleasure. They're meant be a soft and moist-like environment for your penis to be inserted into for traction and a continuous sex-like motion until you ejaculate. Some are designed to be held as you to do all the work (imitating a real-life scenario), others are designed to vibrate and pump so that all you have to do is sit down and relax.

Those that do the moving for you are referred to as strokers, and some examples include best-selling super affordable Tenga Spinner and the slightly more costly Optimum Power Pulsar. Both of these offer a tight chamber with multiple pulsing patters, a sleeve for easy clean-up, and a switch for quick on/off action should things get out of hand (🤪).

If you're a penis owner and have been playing with the idea of buying your first sex toy but don't know where to start, you've come to the right place!

At AdultLuxe, we prioritize helping our customers find their perfect fit every time. For starters, you need to figure out what kind of sensation you're looking for. Are you into a stroking motion? Do you think you'd enjoy vibrational sensations? Are you looking for something that feels like the real thing; something that looks like the real thing? Are you interested in finding a toy easy to hide or travel with, or to keep on display in the privacy of your own bedroom?

The questions can be overwhelming and feel endless, which is exactly why I'll be breaking it down for you below and providing examples from our own inventory to make your decision making as easy as 1-2-3!

Will you be using this alone or with a partner?

Using sex toys either alone or with a partner can yield many benefits. For instance, it "benefits your sexual partners because you can show them what you like so they can please you in bed [and] masturbating with a sex toy never takes anything away from your partner. In fact, it can ultimately be a mutually satisfying proposition" (Swagger Staff 2020).

If you're looking for a toy to use with a partner, you will want to consider something that will benefit both of you. For instance, cock rings can be used during intercourse to make your penis slightly bigger/fuller and more sensitive. As a result, your partner gets deeper penetration and more pleasure, and you end up with more pleasure from seeing them enjoy sex more and from the high sensitivity your penis experiences.

Another option for this kind of pleasure is a penis pump. Similar to cock rings, they temporarily increase the size of your penis. Unlike cock rings though, you use it before penetration (or whenever it is that you want a slightly enlarged penis) and then set it aside. A penis pump cannot be used during intercourse or while the penis is under any kind of use.

If you are looking for a sex toy that can be used during partner play, ie foreplay, but not necessarily during intercourse, one of our app controlled toys might be your best option. You can place it on your penis and give your partner full control over your pleasure experience. This is a great way to practice lasting longer because your partner can bring you to the edge without letting you finish. 

Participating in this practice has been linked to longer sex time without ejaculation. If that's not your style, your partner can still take enjoyment in pleasuring you and controlling how you get pleasured and then watching you come without ever touching you.

Do you enjoy handjobs or blowjobs?

As silly as it may seem, this is a very important questions to ask yourself. Your answer can help tremendously in when picking your first toy. We wouldn't want you to have a disappointing first experience, and sex toys are as personal as underwear. One size does not fit all: some prefer briefs while others prefer boxers; some might prefer none at all! The point, is you can't simply ask your best bud what he would suggest or check on amazon what the best selling product is. Yes, these might be helpful or stir you in the right direction, but at the end of the day, the sex toy that you choose needs to be one that pleases you.

For example, the Tenga Spinner Tetra Male Masturbator is one of the easiest and simplest masturbators available, but does not lack intensity or pleasure. It has a twisting feature that occurs with every stroke, perfect for someone who's into more intense masturbation. Meanwhile, a device like The Handy is more like -- well, exactly what it sounds like -- a handjob: 

The Handy is built with the highest quality components and rigorously tested for maximum pleasure. The Handy features a true grip technology that allows it to fit all sizes. Packed with a Dual-core processor chip and un unmatched speed & power ⁠of up to 10 strokes per second/600 auto strokes per minute, the Handy is guaranteed to give you the best handsfree experience ever.

Unlike the Tenga Spinner, you do not have to hold on to The Handy while using it, and you (or someone else) can control it from a phone app; no need to get your hands dirty 😉

If blowjobs are more of your jam, you probably want to consider a masturbator with some sort of sucking feature. The Zolo Automatic Blowjob, for instance, is one of our best sellers in that department. The Zolo Automatic Blowjob is a USB rechargeable automatic sucking and vibrating masturbator that uses advanced suction technology to simulate the experience of a real blowjob.

With two unique suction modes, you can choose the one that is right for you! So no need to be scared of over doing it or accidentally hurting yourself (which is highly unlikely to begin with). Furthermore, the multi-ribbed sleeve with incredibly satisfying textures and the optional erotic sounds together, enhance the pleasure, and the included adjustable suction cup base makes for a hands free experience. We also include a travel bag for discreet storage 🤫

What is your budget like?

There's a penis pleasuring sex toy for just about any budget if you search long enough. Luckily for you, most of these are found right on our website! We like to offer something for everyone because we believe sex should be enjoyed by everyone. Normally, the more affordable options will be less enhanced, but that doesn't mean they won't get the job done, or that they're not the perfect sex toy for you. Take our Tenga Spinner for instance, selling for less than under $30, can provide you with some of the most euphoric masturbations of your life! It'll have you wondering how were you ever able to come with just your hand. 

Meanwhile, tiny options like the Arcwave Voy Compact Stroker are meant for a higher-end budget because of the compact power available in such a tiny space. It works in a similar way to the Tenga Spinner, but has a unique Tightness Adjustment System (TSA). Arcwave Voy is the first product on the market to feature a unique TSA, allowing you to twist through 8 tightness setting to find your perfect fit. Because of this innovative, high-tech feature, the Arcway Voy sells for a little less than $100. 

Are you looking for a realistic, human-like toy, or a simpler option?

This is a very important question to consider when choosing your first toy because it can determine both your budget and satisfaction with the experience of using a sex toy. More live-like toys will be on the higher end of prices, usually $100 and above, while the simpler stroker-like toys will be more accommodating to tighter budgets.

Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for, but at AdultLuxe we're happy to guarantee you a luxurious experience and superb customer experience regardless of your budget! An example of a more realistic masturbator would be the PDX Plus PERFECT ASS Masturbator

Every inch of her soft, supple Fanta Flesh booty was made for you to enjoy. Her big round ass cheeks are perfect for squeezing and massaging, while her two tight holes are lined with pleasure nubs that were designed to massage every inch of your shaft. Each hole features a different pattern to give you the realistic experience that you have been craving.

Are you curious about sex toys?

And last but certainly not least, are you even curious about sex toys? This is probably thee most important question you'll ask yourself on your quest for your first sex toy. If you're not even the slightest of curious about what sex toys are, how they feel, and/or how they could benefit you (and potentially your partner) then perhaps you shouldn't be thinking about buying one. Don't buy one to follow a trend, do it because it could benefit you. Do it because you're ready for next level orgasms, not because someone else is having them (and no it's not weird for men to own sex toys) 😛

And there you have it! Five easy, straightforward but mighty questions that will have you going down a rabbit hole of our inventory. Whether you're ready to buy today or a year from today, we're always here to help and answer any questions and/or concerns you may have. Simply shoot us an email or DM us on IG, our portals are always opened!

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