Is She or Isn't She? How to Tell When A Woman Is Faking An Orgasm

Emily Ray |

In many cases, there is no way of knowing whether or not a woman has faked an orgasm for sure unless it is communicated to you. If you consider these guidelines, however, you can get an idea of whether or not some elements of the sex are over embellished or even fake in some regards.

First, consider whether or not she is putting on a show. If it seems like she is, there is a chance that this is because she is faking an orgasm. Of course, if you are doing roleplay it could be part of the roleplay itself. Also, keep in mind that some women love to put a show on because it is a turn-on for them too.

For some people, silence after sex is a sign that a person may have faked an orgasm. Consider whether or not the person regularly keeps this sort of silence when adding this into your list of variables. Awkward smiles and other body language such as not looking you in the eyes after sex could also be some signs.

Some women seem to need stimulants before they prep for sex, and this could be because orgasms are harder to come by for them. Take some time to communicate with them about their needs and desires when it comes to sex and be open-minded in terms of exploring their turn-ons in new ways. When two people communicate with each other regarding sex it can pay massive dividends.

Sometimes when women are faking sex they are overly ecstatic afterwards. If this is the case, and it does not seem genuine, it could be a sign that she faked her orgasm. In addition, if you have had sex a large number of times and she begins to tell you to do things completely differently, it could be a sign that some of the previous sexual experiences you have had have not been as phenomenal as you might have thought them to be. Good communication is key to real orgasms, so talk to your partner.

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