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Satisfyer Double Joy App Controlled Vibrator
Satisfyer Double Joy App Controlled Vibrator-$39


Long Distance App Controlled Sex Toys: How Long Is That Range?

I've seen movies just like anybody else, and I know there are things they show in the movies that sometimes can be true, sometimes false or sometimes extremely ridiculous. One of the things I grew up believing was that you need to constantly be assured of your partner's affections towards you. This is where I internally scream, 'damn you movies, is self love not included in your dictionary?'... The other thing that movies taught me, I say 'taught' for the lack of a better word, was that once you and your partner go long distance, that's it, that's the end of your happy relationship. Well guess what?  Not anymore. If not anything else, app controlled vibrators have made sure that the pleasure remains in long distance relationships.

Technology gave us a boon when they invented and produced various sex toys for mass use, (thank you for the vibrator, Lord Techno).  The same technology has now made sure the spice remains even when your partner has to go out of town for a while. I'm talking about app controlled sex toys. Imagine getting hold of an app controlled vibrator that you can operate from wherever you are. Yes, these babies are the hot and happening talk of the town sex toys that long distance couples are fawning over.

Some Personal Experiences - but let's not make this NSFW, okay?

I can give you an anecdote right this second! I never thought a sex toy could be used from miles away using just WiFi and an app. Even a few years ago, it was beyond my wildest imagination, but my interest was piqued and I got my hands on the Lush 2.0 Sound Activated Vibrator. It looked quite impressive!  It had all the best features, like being made from safe materials, being rechargeable and waterproof. The fun began when my partner and I explored all the possibilities this app controlled vibrator offers.

We were able to use the app controlled vibrator any time we wanted. The battery didn't run out easily, and both of us could control it with an app.

Lovense 2.0 Sound Activated & App Controlled Vibrator in Pink

 Lovense 2.0 Sound Activated & App Controlled Vibrator-$119

Soon enough, we branched out and opened ourselves to more of these app controlled vibrators and sex toys. The Satisfyer Double Joy, for example, was for both of us. We invented our own vibration patterns and got used to the toy pretty quickly. I can't tell you how many times I'm in the middle of cooking dinner or just sitting down to write an article and there's this urge that comes over the both of us, I really can’t.  This article is supposed to be Safe For Work, remember?

Let me tell you about something Groovy anyway!

Fancy being in more control? I found the grooviest sex toy: Cell Mate App Enabled Cock Cage. It's a chastity cage that is app enabled. I know!! This product takes bondage and submission to the ultimate Next Level. Imagine being able to lock and unlock a cock cage with just an app... whenever you wanted... wherever you were. Well of course, a bondage toy like this one will also prevent your partner from being frisky when he's away from you. It's you controlling when he gets out of his chastity phase.

Cell Mate App Controlled Chastity Device
Cell Mate App Operable Cock Cage Chastity-$119

Assuming you know how a chastity cage works - if you don't, read up on that a bit here and come back to this article - a unique ID of the Chastity Keyholder will be part of the key to open this cage. There is no scope of any cheating or unwanted escape. Further research made me aware that this previously was suspectible to be hacked, and it sure did invite some bad press...but Cell Mate has come back better. It's far more secure now!


    Q. Can these app controlled vibrators really be operated from anywhere at all?
      Yes & Yes! If you're out of town but in a location with WiFi and the app which is compatible with your sex toy, you're absolutely good to go. These devices are also Bluetooth operable, if you're in range.
        Q. Are these app controlled vibrators safe and secure?
          These types of vibrators are completely safe because they're made from 100% body safe materials. Moreover, since they are paired directly to the device, no one but you can operate it. Read up on the products you're particularly interested in to know more! 
            Q. What can we do with an app controlled vibrator?
              It's fun when you get to pleasure yourself but your partner is the one controlling how you orgasm. An app controlled vibrator can be worked from anywhere at all, given you have WiFi and the app compatible with your vibrator. You can stay connected on the phone with your partner to hear their voice or make your own Spotify playlist while an app controlled vibrator, the Satisfyer Curvy 2+ Remote Control Vibrator, maybe, works its magic.  
                Q. How do I use an app controlled vibrator?

                  You control these long distance sex toys with an app compatible with it, that is developed by the manufacturer themselves. provided you have a stable Mobile Data connection, WiFi or Bluetooth. There are numerous vibrating patterns to choose from and experiment with. You can use them solo or with a partner, in or outside the room. Have fun!

                  Checkout this video from Satisyfer to learn more about the app.

                    Q. How long does it take to get comfortable using an app controlled vibrator?

                    These app controlled vibrators have a lot to do with the positive attitude I've adopted towards sex. The long distance relationship that I sometimes have to maintain with my partner does not have to be confined to phone calls anymore. I mean, you miss them when they're not there. There are no qualms in accepting that. Plus, these new toys come with fantastic features that you'll love. I mean, the shape of Satisfyer Curvy 3+ Remote Control Vibrator is so appealing you'd want to try it out!
                    Satisfyer Curve 3+ App Controlled Toy
                    Satisfyer Curvy 3+ -$49.95

                      So here it is, all the things you want to know about app controlled devices, all in a compact 2-minute read. Ah but wait. I know I've already talked about five or so products in the article above, but you didn't think I was gonna let you leave without a superb recommendation, did you?

                      Zalo App Controlled Luxury Vibrator
                      Zalo Jeanne Royal Luxury Vibrator-$139.95

                      The Zalo Luxury Line is the supreme culmination of all things sexy, but sophisticated (I'm telling you it’s adorned with a gold chain and everything).

                      So here's why you must browse these items for yourself:

                        • They're easy to use, easily rechargeable, sleek and stylish.
                        • These app controlled vibrators come in all shapes and sizes.
                        • They're super quiet.
                        • They're suitable for all types of fetishes and kinky play!
                        • They're among the Best of the Best app controlled vibrators available on the market!

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