Best Positions for Sex Using Sex Toys

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If you are ready to mix things up with your sex toys, learning the top positions for sex toy use is something that brings tons of benefits. Sex toys can enhance sex, but they do not make or break a sexual experience. There are many things people can use to take their sex lives to the next level: from sex toys to lingerie, aphrodisiac foods to new experiences, role play, and more.

Sex makes for a fun time. The number of sexual positions a person can orgasm in is greatly enhanced by picking up a remote control sex toy, for example. There are many different choices, including toys from the top companies in the pleasure products industry.

In terms of positions, lying in your front is one of the top positions for sex toys. It can work for all genders and allows for a little bit more pressure and leverage when using specific types of toys. In addition, it is a little bit different than some of the common sex positions that people are using with a partner.

sex from behind

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When having sex with a partner, one of the most popular sex positions for utilizing sex toys is cowgirl. This allows the woman to be in control of the toy while also being penetrated. Getting clitoral stimulation while also having penetration is a favorite for many couples.

missionary sex position

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Spooning is also a great way to have slow and gentle sex. The person who is the bigger spoon can reach around for clitoral stimulation on their partner. In addition, the person being the little spoon can utilize a toy themselves.

spooning sex position

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Always keep in mind that sex toys do not make or break sexual experiences. Many people have personal and intimate interactions without sex toys, though toys added in can help people get off hard and the personal element with toys can be a lot of fun. Whether you are masturbating on your own or having sex with other people, incorporate some of your own touch and known desires as well.



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