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Spicing Up Your Weekend Getaway and Your Travel Plans

Emily Ray |

Traveling with sex toys can be an experience. With the tips in this blog you can get from point A to point B smoothly so that you can enjoy fun sex with your partner, friend, or new sex partner. If you are planning to travel by air, you can avoid the potential awkwardness of having your bag searched by airport staff for an unrecognized object by checking your sex toys in your cargo bag rather than your carry-on.

Even if you are traveling by car or in another manner, there are fantastic tips to help you enjoy your experience. For people who are looking for discretion, whether on a work trip or otherwise, there are a number of sex toys that are disguised as other types of objects.


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In addition, smaller sex toys may be the best option. If you are concerned about whether or not someone else knows that you have a sex toy on your trip, look for toys that are little bit more difficult to turn on so that they do not turn themselves on in your bag.

There are many other tips that can help enhance people’s sex while traveling.

Buying special clothing and lingerie to surprise your partner with can be tons of fun, and setting up an environment with candles and lotions and potions when you go on vacations is essential.

Some places are better than others in terms of ambience. Looking for a hotel room that has a shower that can fit two can add an additional place to explore sensuality. Check up on restaurants and other places in the area as well, setting the mood for using your favorite sex toys while on vacation or on the go.

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