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Why Every Man Should Own a Stroker

by Emily Ray on March 21, 2021

Male masturbation toys are becoming extremely popular and for good reason. Male masturbators help enhance masturbation the way a hand cannot. It’s time the stereotype around men buying sex toys changes.

In the last several years, it has become more and more common for men to explore alternative accessories to enhance their masturbation experiences. With the mainstreaming of the Fleshlight and the advent of other more discrete male masturbators coming to the market by companies like Tenga , it has become acceptable to use these strokers both for solo play and couples play too.

Masturbating is natural and has a lot of health benefits around it. Some of the most popular male toys for masturbation include those of the anatomical replica kind (ie vulva or butthole shaped strokers) , stealthy and discrete non-anatomical shapes , and more technologically advanced ones that offer an assortment of pleasurable features.  

A few of our favorites at AdultLuxe are as follows:

Main Squeeze Optical Stroker 

This clear, easy to use and care for masturbator adds a wealth of sensation and visual stimulation for its user.  Can be used alone or add a new dimension to couples play when used on you by your partner.  

Crystal Ball Discrete Stroker 

This masturbator is discrete enough to leave on your nightstand.  But don't let the sleek design with its neatly encased pleasure balls fool you, this masturbation sleeve packs a powerful punch that will leave you begging for more.  Fun to use on your own or with your partner, this sexy masculine work of art is a WINNER.

High Tech Luxury Masturbator 

This palm sized masturbator takes your stroking sessions to the next level.  Its open and ergonomic design affords its user orgasms like none other.

For more options and variations of male masturbators check out our collection here



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