We've found your new bestie: Most Satisfying Vibrators for Women

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Whether it's your first time or 100th (lucky you), searching for a new sex toy can be overwhelming and stressful -- which seems pretty counterproductive, no? At AdultLuxe, our priority is your comfort, pleasure, and happiness. Therefore, we've done our research and compiled hundreds of reviews and feedback, to bring you a list of the most satisfying vibrators for women. Based on your needs, we guarantee you'll be steered in the right direction when choosing your next sex toy! 

Material Preference 

Perhaps material is not the first thing that comes to mind when you're looking for your perfect sex toy, but it should be! Most of us have an idea of what we want our sex toys and vibrators to feel like -- soft and silky -- however, how that perfect vibrator is made soft and silky is much more significant. Your health should come above all other benefits, and body-safe silicone and stainless steel sex toys accommodate such. Body-safe silicone, stainless steel, and glass are the safest materials in the sex toy industry; their non-porous material not allow prevents bacteria build up, but also provides you with easy, quick, and simple clean up. One of our best sellers, the The AdultLuxe Godsend Rose Sucker with Thrusting Dildo from our Rose Collection, for example, is more than just a Tik-Tok trend. The Godsend Rose Sucker with Thrusting Dildo is made of body-safe silicone and provides endless orgasmic sensations, and is waterproof.

Stimulation Preference

Deciding whether you are looking for external or internal stimulation is pivotal in finding the perfect sex toy for you. The Magic Wand, for instance, has been at the top of the industry for decades now. As one of the OG's in the sex toy industry, the Magic Wand Plus has been providing orgasms all around the world for decades and decades, and has yet to meet its competitor. Originally designed to blend in as an innocent body massager, it was designed to vibrate powerfully on the right erogenous zones of a woman. Over the years, its design has been modified to fit comfortably where needed while providing better comfort to the hands of the one holding it. Constantly voted as top 10 toys to buy, The Magic Wand Plus is an orgasm-guaranteed sex toy wonder.

If air pulses and/or suction is your go to stimulation or what you're curious about trying next, the Womanizer OG G Spot Air Stimulator is the your solution. The Womanizer Pro has been voted as the best sex toy for suctions, but the Womanizer OG G Spot Air Stimulator takes that reputation to the next level. The Womanizer OG G Spot Air Stimulation not only provides the suction that the Womanizer Pro did, but it adds an extra G-spot focused feature.

For those of you who love a good G-spot stimulation, or would like to squirt for the first time ever (or miss doing it if you have before) the Njoy Pure Wand is the one you want to buy. Njoy Pure Wand has been voted Best Sex Toys for G-Spot stimulation by several media streams, and that's no coincidence. The Njoy Pure Wand is massive, sturdy, body safe. Sex toy educators and critics swear by the simplicity of this wand. It is safe to say that the NJoy Pure Wand is a beauty to look at, but that's not all. Its sensual curves help provides a direct connection to your G-Spot. And being made from trademarked 316  surgical grade stainless steel and hand polished to achieve a mirror shine, the Njoy Pure Wand guarantees pleasure like no one else. Because of stainless steel, the wand may feel cold at first (which might not be a bad thing ;) ) but starts to adjust to your body temperature as you play along.


Size Preference

Now, if you're someone who's specific about their length and/or girth, then dildo's will be the best sex toys for you. For starters, if you're choosing a dildo, you should stick to the top players in the game, and that's Vixskin's collection. Their realistic dildo's have taken up the industry by storm, and it's not surprise. Unlike competitors, Vixskin offers realistic dildos that not only get the job done, but look and feel like the real thing. The Mustang 7 Inch Realistic Vixskin Dildo, to be specific, has been voted one of the best dildo's for women's pleasure. 

The slender Mustang dildo is ready to pleasure you vaginally or anally, with soft, plush Vixskin-textured silicone. Special touches like a penis head and raised veins add even more realism. Silicone is a safe, non-porous material that can be boiled for a few minutes to sterilize between uses, making it one of the most popular sex toy materials. And that's not all! It's also meant to last. Durable and luxurious, does not break down or degrade. Warms and retains body heat. Non-porous, can be cleaned with soap and water or sterilized by boiling for 3 minutes. 

Similarly, if you're looking for something bigger, the Outlaw Vixskin Dildo is the best sex toy for you. It has everything the Vixskin Mustang does, plus a few extra inches (in both directions) ;). 



If you're one looking to try sex toys for the first time, or hundredth, you couldn't have chosen a better time to do so. Today's technology not only allows you to do so discreetly (if that's your preference), but it also makes your choosing process way easier. There is so much information available online, that you can easily find your perfect match while avoiding the hassle of trial-and-error. All you have to do is pick your preference in material, stimulation, and size -- the perfect toy will fall on your laps. And if you need any further assistance, we're always available via contact form, IG, Tik-Tok, and Reddit! We're here to serve you, so feel free to contact us at any time :)



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