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VixSkin Lux Collection

Natali Greco |

The greatest debate of all time (or at least one of them) has to be: Does size matter? I've been fortunate enough to have never really experienced anything below average ... except for that one time. That one time was pretty disappointing to say the least. However, even after such experience, I can sincerely say that size does not matter. I know for a fact that if this one individual had known what he was doing, the experience would have been completely different. After all, it's all about the motion of the ocean, right? 

I'm not delusional, nonetheless, and I am sure many of you (all genders alike) will disagree with me and insist that size does make a difference. For you size believers, I have some great news! There are toys in today's innovative world that assist with size. Whether it's for yourself or your partner, plenty of dildos exist with the sole purpose of either pleasuring a partner for you or assisting you in doing so (regardless if you're a penis owner or not). 

The VixSkin by Vixen Creations has all the realistic-feeling a couple or individual could possibly need. For starters, the entire collection is designed with pleasure in mind. Thus, it is all made of material that is meant to feel like real skin, not the plastic that competitors use. For instance, our Cash Vixskin Dildo by Vixen Creation is made of 100% premium grade silicone and has a substantial base that provides stability when used in a harness. It also provides 8 inches of insertion goodness and a premium silicone lubricant between the molecules, providing a more realistic feel and greater elasticity.

Meanwhile, the Holster Vixskin Silicone Penis Extension, although made of same material and just as good for your body, is designed primarily for men with ED conditions. Of course, however, it can be used by one that wishes for some extra girth and length. Another great use for it is between rounds. It can easily be used to pleasure your partner as you recharge post ejaculation. 

One of our best dildos in this collection is the Goodfella Vixskin Dildo. The best and most unique feature about this dildo is the 3D balls that are designed to hang in front of the harness or joque. This incredible dildo will have you saying goodbye to the bruises caused by those O-rings and snaps required with other realistic penis dildos. Also made of 100% platinum Vixskin silicone, like the rest of the collection, this masterpiece is no exception to the body-safe, comfortable, real feel that the rest of its siblings offer.

I don't know about you, but I'd be jumping on this sale. A realistic penis shaped dildo with realistic skin texture that is also safe for my body and is designed purely for my pleasure? What else could you possibly ask for? If the answer to that is motion of vibrations of any kind, you're in the wrong blog. Read about our latest licking vibrator ,The Rose Tongue Clit & Nipple Tickler with Flapping Dildo, here, or check out our How to Choose a Vibrator: A Step-By-Step Guide, here

As always, I hope this was an informative piece for you ladies and gents (and others ❤️ ). Make sure to reach out to us if you have any questions about our products, how to use them, or any of the information you find on our blogs! We're here to please you!

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