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Tip 5: The Most Important Part of Sex Is…. Having Sex!

Natali Greco |

Well, we made it! We're finally at tip number 5, and the most important one of them all which, ironically, is also the simplest and least challenging: having sex! Before you jump off your seat and attack, let me clarify that by least challenging, I mean no outside toys or persons required. This tip is all about you and your partner. 

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If your relationship has been feeling dry lately, maybe mundane or boring, sit down and ask yourself when the last act of intimacy occurred. Last night, last week, a month ago? Three months ago? Are you now wondering how long is too long? If you cannot remember when the last time was, let me end your doubts: it's been too long! But, aside from that, no one can tell you how often you should have sex with your partner. My only advice is to, well, do it (if it aligns with your lifestyle of course). 

Sex is not the only form of intimacy a couple can participate in, but it is a major one. According to better health

"For many couples, ‘making love’ involves a sense of intimacy and emotional closeness. An intimate sexual relationship involves trust and being vulnerable with each other. Closeness during sex is also linked to other forms of intimacy."

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I'm not saying sex is the way to obtain intimacy from your partner, but it can be a depiction of it once you have it. Sometimes the spark that a couple is missing can be easily ignited through having sex more frequently. If you both have hectic busy schedules, start blocking time on your calendars for nights in. Yes, it might seem too planned and maybe even more dull, but it's probably the first step you need before running. Once your start remembering how great it feels to be in each other's arms you'll start craving it more often- that's when spontaneity and human desire kicks in. You couldn't get your hands off of each other at one point, if love is still in the air, you most certainly can get back there, just need to refresh your minds ;) 

Believe me, if you made it through all 5 Tips, there is plenty of hope for you. You care about turning up the heat in your relationship and that's a great start. Now it's time to take action. Go through our whole list once more, pick a number 1 through 5, and let us know how it goes ( or @adultluxe on IG)

'Till next time lovelies, 


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