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It's (almost) summer, and that means one thing... time to heat things up! Yes pool parties, beaches, and fairs are all fun summer activities for couples. They're perfect for the hand holding, the hugging and a** grabbing while you walk side-by-side, and heck, even the flawless instagram picture under some flashy fireworks. However, summer is also about passion, heat, and breaking a sweat (and I don't mean just on your morning jog 😉). 

When was the last time your partner and you got frisky, heated things up, tried something new? When was the last time you got home and they had the bedroom cleaned, candles lit, sweet aroma in the air, waiting for you to undress and and play together? 

This summer, change things up and elevate the heat in your bedroom as well. I've compiled some of our top sex toys for your next couple's getaway (or staycation). Cuffing season may be in the fall and winter, but summer is no stranger to some major action. Are you ready to bring the heat? Here's how:



Godsend Rose Sucker: Perfect for teasing and dual action. Whether your partner wants to tease you with a vibrating dildo up and down your inner thighs as they slowly kiss you down your neck, or nibble on your nipples and suck on your clit simultaneously, or all of the above while penetrating you, the Godsend Rose Sucker is the perfect summer toy for you two. 


Lelo Sila Cruise: If you're more into clit action than penetration, or if you're curious about how much your clit can really handle, this is the perfect toy for you and your partner to find out. Also bored of 45 minutes of missionary? Yeah, Lelo can definitely liven things up for you two.

As gentle waves surge from the tip of your clitoris, reach the climax of your dreams and soar to new heights of ecstasy. Sila offers a new way to experience foreplay...

Lelo's bigger mouth allows for complete satisfaction during use while her sonic waves offer a gentle clitoral stimulation allowing you to enjoy the intensities without making direct contact. Lelo's wide mouth gravitates around the center of your pleasure zone, engaging the entire erogenous area and enhancing the orgasmic sensation. The vibrations are spread with equal intensity across the whole clitoris, not just in its center, which leads to a sensual, slow build up of orgasm. 

We know, the price can be a bit scary, so DM us on IG or Twitter and let us know if you feel Lelo should go on sale! We're here to please you, so share your needs with us😘


Sexy squirrel clit sucker: The youngest of our babies, the squirrel clit sucker is one of our customers' favorite! At an affordable $39, it's the perfect exploration toy for you and your partner. If Lelo seems amazing but is way too out of your budget, this not-so-little guy is the one for you. Its wide mouth allows your partner to suck on your clitoris (or vide versa) while they use their mouth elsewhere, like some nipple sucking, perhaps? When you're ready for more, this little animal can be stretched out to also please your G-spot with its dual action tail. With a total of 10 vibrations to choose from, trust us, your partner will be giving you (or receiving) orgasms like never before.

So what are you waiting for? I've loved our time together, it's truly always a pleasure. But it is time for you to go! Click one of the links above and get your summer started. Your partner (and you) deserve(s) the hottest summer to date 👅❣️


Let us know if these tips were helpful, if you'll be trying any, or you have any questions about the blog or products! Make sure to follow us on IG (@adultluxe) to keep up to date with product launches, sales, and everything else Adult 😉


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