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Smooth, Silky, Silicone

Natali Greco |

   Technology is quite the little gem, isn’t it? We’ve evolved so much as a society, being able to get to cities and countries within hours through air, spend a week at sea with amenities that make it feel like we never left land, and communicating within seconds through written messages. If we miss someone, we pick up a device of choice and with the press of a button, they’re on the screen. And let’s not forget how wonderful technology has been to women specifically! All the available fun we have been exposed to over the past decades. More so, however, the safer this fun continues to become.

   For instance, the material sex toys are made of. Once upon a time, masturbation was obscene and dildos and vibrators unheard of in the mainstream media- if they were, they were marketed with different purposes. It was not until the 1970’s that they became more popular and accepted, starting with the OG, the Magic Wand. Prior to the late 1900’s, sex toys were advertised as beauty aid devices, such as scalp massages, but they go as far back as 2000 years ago. Ancient society had dildos made of everything from bronze to bread. The evolution of these devices is quite fascinating. If you’re curious, you can find a timeline here!

   Nonetheless, my point is that toys have evolved and not just in comfort and pleasure, but also safety. Take the first rabbit for instance, made by a Japanese company in the 1980s. The original rabbit was made of rubbery plastic and although not completely harmful, the material these magical devices are made of has upgraded. At AdultLuxe, we’re immensely proud of our safety and health concern. We don’t want our clients to just have a good time, we want their bodies to remain healthy while they do so. Our products are finished with a silicone coating that not only feels good, but is also good for you.

   Silicone is flexible, biocompatible, and resistant to extreme temperatures, UV light, radiation, and ozone. They can also withstand long term use in all of the before-mentioned environments. In products, they supply an exceptionally better feel, appearance, and performance. In moisturizers, for instance, they provide the luxurious silky texture while creating a layer to retain moisture on the skin, keeping it hydrated longer. Silicone rubber is also a splendid electrical insulator, which makes it superiorly compatible with all types of technology. Finally, it is considered a food-grade and medical-grade material due to the multiple high resistant properties that make it ideal for sterilization.

   With that said, next time you shop around, make sure you keep your skin and safety in mind. You can always trust us to do so for you!


Keep vibrating bunnies,



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