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Sex Positions for Happy Knees and Happy Hearts

Crystal Hemworth |

Sex should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for everyone, regardless of physical limitations. Knee pain is one of the common issues that can often get in the way of pleasure, but fear not!

In this guide, we'll explore a range of sex positions that will help you to minimise strain on the knees while you experience crazy pleasure. Remember, these positions are suggestions, and it's important to communicate with your partner to figure out what works the best for you.

The Best Sex Positions for Receiving Partners With Bad Knees

The Happy Scissors Position

In this position, the receiving partner lies on their back with legs spread wide, propping their hips up on the penetrating partner's lap. By keeping the legs straight, it eliminates strain on the knees while maintaining face-to-face intimacy. The position also offers ample space for the use of sex toys, adding an extra layer of pleasure.

Recommended Accessories: KIIROO KEON, LELO Smart Wand 2, Magic Wand Mini, Satisfyer Men Wand, and air suction toys.

The TV Dinner Position

The receiving partner sits at the back of a dining chair with legs spread apart, while the penetrating partner straddles the chair for penetration. This position allows for close, intimate, face-to-face sex without the strain on the knees associated with traditional positions.

Recommended Accessories: Explore anal toys such as b-Vibe Snug Plugs (Available in all kind of sizes), and Nexus Simul8 for added pleasure.

The Jockey Position

Ideal for those with a yoga ball lying around, the Jockey Position involves the receiving partner lying face down on the ball, relieving pressure on their knees. The penetrating partner straddles the ball, providing a unique and enjoyable experience.

Recommended Safety Tip: Ensure the yoga ball is fully inflated and sturdy to avoid accidents.

The Grand Slam Position

With the receiving partner lying flat on a surface, the penetrating partner straddles the hips for a grinding or thrusting motion. This position eliminates stress on the knees and offers an opportunity to explore light impact play.

Recommended Kink Addition: Introduce elements like flogging or restraints for an extra kinky touch.

The Best Sex Positions for Penetrating Partners With Bad Knees

The Stand Down Position

By taking intercourse to the edge of a surface, the penetrating partner can remain standing with neutral knees. Communication is key to maintaining the right angles and ensuring comfort for both partners.

Recommended Support: Consider using a sex swing to enhance stability and pleasure.

The Love Seat Position

Using a chair, the Love Seat position allows both partners to "take a seat" together, relieving strain on the penetrating partner's knees. Careful selection of the chair is essential for stability.

Recommended Variation: Experiment with double penetration for added excitement.

The Amazon Position

This wild-looking position is surprisingly effective for penetrating partners with knee pain. The receiving partner's bodyweight is held by their knees and calves, reducing strain on the penetrating partner's legs.

Recommended Safety Tip: Ensure the receiving partner has strong quads to support this position comfortably.

The Desk Domination Position

Another standing position, Desk Domination, using a sturdy desk or table to reduce the need for knee bending. Careful selection of the surface is important for stability.

Recommended Pleasure Boost: Integrate a penis stroker or clitoral vibrator for added sensations.

The Best Sex Positions for When Both Partners Have Bad Knees

The Carnal Clutch Position

Using a spreader bar to make intercourse more comfortable, the Carnal Clutch position allows both partners to experience pleasure without bending their knees. Adjusting the spreader bar's length provides flexibility and comfort.

Recommended Accessory: Try the Edge Adjustable Bar for a comfortable and intimate experience.

The Ho Ho Position

By creatively positioning themselves, partners in the Ho Ho position can enjoy intimacy without putting weight on their knees. This position encourages eye contact and full-body touch for a deeply connected experience.

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