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Personal Wand Massagers that Produce More than Magic

Emily Ray |

The Hitachi Wand is as much a jackhammer for your genitals as there ever could be one.  Known for its delivery of intense and powerful vibrations it became the personal pleasure product of choice for many over the years.  While it has gone through its own evolutions over time, other wand massagers have hit the market taking a page out of the Hitachi playbook and making theirs better.

Wand massagers are great for people who like multi-functional sexual health and wellness products.  Not only do they serve as a stimulating massage toy, they are highly arousing when used on the genitals, nipples, booty and more.  Priding ourselves on giving our customers the best offerings in sex toys, we took a deep dive into the world of Wand Massagers and narrowed it down to our favorites.

Maxi Wanachi Mini Massager

This compact waterproof wand is one of the smallest we offer yet delivers a PUNCH of sensation that sends shivers down the spine.  Take this wand massager in the shower or on the road, you won't be sorry.

The Body Safe Wand Massager

Made of the highest quality materials, this body wand massager will fast become a staple in your sex toy collection.  Waterproof and USB rechargeable this wand massager is made of platinum grade silicone - feels good against your most intimate areas.

Galaxy Handheld Massager

This is a spin on the classic wand massager.  This handheld device is made to not only be completely discrete but also serve as both a true massage tool and your vulva's best friend.  


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I ordered from Adultluxe, Pink cherry, uberrime & The tool shed all on the same day. Adult luxe came 3 days before the tool shed, and 8 days before pink cherry and only 1 day before uberrime (had to be made to order and uberrime ships from only 8 hours away whereas adultluxe is more than a day away) so adultluxe is really on top of things. I’m highly impressed by this company & that’s not something I can say very often. I’m more than confident that if you shop with Adultluxe, they will do their absolute best to meet all of your needs & wants.

Shania Bunch,

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