The Handy: How Does a Hands Free Masturbator Work?

Crystal Hemworth |

How do you relax after a hard day's work? If you're like most people, you masturbate. It turns out that 92% of American men pleasure themselves on the regular.

At least you're in good company, right? But you may be missing out on a truly explosive experience.

A hands-free masturbator is what you need to take this great pastime to another level.

Just what is a hands-free masturbator, though? How does it even work? In this blog post, we'll explore just that keeping in mind the Handy as the product.

Keep reading to get the inside knowledge on this handy information.

Evolution of Hands-Free Masturbators

Before hands-free masturbators were a thing, penis owners relied on penis sex toys or a hand to masturbate. As technology evolved, more sophisticated products came to market. This, of course, unlocked some mind-blowing results.

There are many hands-free masturbators to choose from. They come in various forms ranging from simple vibrating sleeves to complex automated strokers.

This is where The Handy has an edge.

These innovative devices have become a focal point in the adult industry, gaining popularity among men seeking a discreet and customizable self-pleasure experience.

Understanding the Mechanics

We know you're interested in using one, but how does a hands-free masturbator work? What are the technicalities behind it?

A hands-free masturbator like The Handy uses a combination of advanced mechanics. Motorized complements mimic the sensations of real-life sex.

The Handy will perform motions such as:

  • Rhythmic movements
  • Thrusting
  • Stroking
  • Vibrating

You will also be able to control the intensity, speed, and patterns of the simulation (more on this later). This handy masturbator is ergonomic, too so you can enjoy a comfortable grip as it "goes to town" on you.

Battery and Power Options

To ensure you can please yourself any time of time, most hands-free masturbators will come with either recharge batteries or a power source. The Handy comes with a US region power supply.

You'll get plenty of pumping action when you're at home or on the go.

Remote Control and App Integration

Hands-free masturbation takes on a whole new light with remote control capabilities and app integration. The remote control features enhance the solo experience, whereas app integration allows for partners to get in on the fun too.

Partners can now take the reigns and control the tempo, speed, and motion. You'll even be able to connect to multimedia and sync up with the content.

The question is, are you ready for a whole new masturbatory experience? We thought so.

Sensor Technology

Advanced hands-free masturbators may include sensor technology to interact with the user's movements or body heat. These sensors can adjust the speed and intensity of the device's actions based on the user's responses.

For example, the device may increase the stimulation when the user moves or reacts to certain patterns, creating a more personalised and dynamic experience.

Discretion and Privacy

You don't have to worry about the neighbours knowing of your naughty purchase either as The Handy is fairly quiet on slower to medium strokes. 

We at AdultLuxe recognise the importance of personal privacy. All products shipped from AdultLuxe are 100% discreet and private. 

You'll also be able to enjoy this level of discretion and privacy when traveling too. Its compact size will fit in any travel bag allowing for supreme portability.

Customisation and Variety

Every man is different. You have your preferences and desires. Since tastes vary, so will the features and functionality of these penis sex toys.

Over time, you may even develop a collection of inserts and masturbators so that you can take your pleasure to new heights. This keeps things fresh and exciting whether or not you're doing it solo or with another person.

Impact on Sexual Wellness

There's no doubt that The Handy will provide a pleasurable experience, but did you know that it has the potential to positively impact sexual wellness?

Some individuals may experience erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. For those people, these devices serve as therapeutic aids.

Other men may experience dry spells from time to time. They may crave the touch of another person. This is yet another area where a hands-free masturbator shines.

You can let their fantasies run wild. You are free to explore new and uncharted territories in their sexual behaviours. There are many benefits to enjoy, such as confidence, stress relief, an improved mood, and better sleep.

Safety and Hygiene Considerations

Adult Luxe prioritizes safety and hygiene when designing their masturbators for men. They use body-safe materials to ensure the devices are free from harmful chemicals or potential allergens.

Sleeves and insertable components are removable and easy to clean, promoting proper hygiene and preventing the buildup of bacteria. Users are encouraged to follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions to ensure a safe and hygienic experience with their hands-free masturbator.

Future Trends and Innovations

With AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality), technology is at an exciting time. Combine this with where the adult industry is at with the sex positivity of sex workers, and the user gets to experience something entirely new with a hands-free masturbator.

Haptic technology could further refine the tactile feedback provided by these devices, creating even more realistic sensations. Ongoing research and feedback from users will undoubtedly shape the future of hands-free masturbators, pushing the boundaries of self-pleasure possibilities.

Get Your Hand on a Hands-Free Masturbator Today

Sounds enticing, right? You deserve the absolute most satisfaction. You'll love getting off with our hands-free masturbator.

Ready to explore a whole new sexual appetite? We thought so. Get your hands on The Handy today!

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