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Foot Fetish 101: Part 2

Crystal Hemworth |

Earlier in the part 1 of this blog, we mentioned that foot fetish people have very specific tastes in what they like about feet. The easiest way to find out is simply, ask. When they tell you, don't ridicule or act as if anything your partner likes is strange or weird. Of course we love to have the latest fad or fashion and we will wear that in public.

However, you can make your partner feel special if you allow them to pick out your footwear for an evening once in a while. Of course you may have to limit the choices so it will match your outfit. Now in this blog, let's discuss the details to each type of foot fetish.

Bare Feet

The most common foot fetish is bare feet. We have known many men who love a women's bare feet. Now there are many parts to a their foot. Some of the specifics to an individuals taste that we have witnessed, are the toes or the valley under the toes before you get to the pads.

Other specific areas are the pads, arches, heels, ankles (we know they aren't really the feet but we knew someone who was obsessed with ankles while wearing ankle socks), top of the foot, the sole of the foot and many types of angles for each.

Some examples are:

  • one may like to see a foot while it is up over their head while they lies on their stomach
  • When their foot is lying on the ground, upside down so they can see the soles
  • Some also like to see the toes spread out or scrunched up

Many of them love to see the side angle of the foot with the heels upward as you would see in a pair of high heels. There are many more and that is why you should ask your partner what they desire and for them to be very specific.

Toenail Display

Toenail display also would technically fit into the bare feet category but because there are so many ways you can prepare them, we are giving them their separate section.

It all starts with length of nails. Some people love longer toenails whereas some love them to be very short. Foot fetish individuals who love toenail polish are usually particular about colour. We know of people who love the dark colours that represent rebellion, Emo, or Goth such as black, navy blue, or hunter green and then there are people who love the neon or "carefree" light colors such as lime green, yellow, sky blue or hot pink.

Other colours include the traditional mature feminine cherry red, maroon, purple, or dark pink to the modern polishes like glitter, bling, or combo colours. You name the type or colour, it is out there. A popular polish currently is picture painting or picture addition. Some of the salons can do just about anything and everything now! 

Not to forget that there also people who like no polish. They enjoy the natural look of a foot with plain toenails. That is why we talked about the need to keep them well-groomed because polish can hide lots of flaws.

Finally, there are French tips or press-on nails. French tips have become popular and accentuate femininity because of the white tips and the glossy enamel. We will always prefer the top fashion and what promotes our personality or maybe even what matches our weekend outfit but it doesn't hurt to allow your partner to choose how you wear your nails from time to time.

Blinging Those Feet Out

Bling is anything that spices up a look, usually with something that sparkles, glitters, or dresses it up. There are foot fetish people who love the jewellery like toe rings, chains, and anklets. They can be silver, gold, black or any type of personal preference as long as it bling's out the foot. Tattoos are another form of expression and bling that can dress up an ankle or foot. 


The next foot fetish element is socks. Some of them just love the different types of socks that one could wear. The first difference is the length which range from knee socks to calf length to ankle to no-show. If you are someone like me and want to get your partners attention, wear a pair of knee high tube socks with stripes at the top, panties, with a full length football jersey and nothing else. They will be putty in your hands.

The next specific quality about socks are the material. This makes a difference to a foot fetish guy. Sock material can range from the traditional thicker cotton athletic sock to thick furry or fuzzy types to dress socks that include argyle and finally the thinner ones made from lycra, nylon, or spandex like you would find in trouser socks.

Colour of the socks can very much excite your partner too. Many of them like the snow white socks because white represents purity and innocence like you would find in a school outfit or a low cut white sock with a pair of canvas tennis shoes. There are also socks with many different designs such as stripes, polka dots, zig zags, flowers, along with many additional varieties. 

Nylon or Hose

Let's discuss nylon or hose. From what we have read, foot fetish people either love them or hate them without much in the middle. Of course there is a preference with this one too. Colour is the number one difference because hose have multiple varieties such as skin colours like tan and nude along with traditional colours like black, white with a variance of shades in each such as off black, jet black, antique white, off white, etc.

After those, there is any colour you could imagine. As like socks, there are different lengths that make a difference to a foot fetish individual. Nylon comes in 4 basic lengths and those are pantyhose that cover the entire crotch and legs along with the feet, stockings which are thigh high and can be held up with elastic or garters, knee highs which are held up with elastic, and finally ankle hose which are also labeled as socks but also can be made with thin nylon.

Now, length really doesn't change the look of a hose covered foot but the overall sexual presentation makes a difference to guys. The next variety in hose is material or fiber. Some of them favour thicker hose like you would find in spandex or lycra tights or leggings while others prefer the thinner material like nylon and silk.

Fishnet and similar looks have also become very popular in which some foot fetish favour. The final variance in hose are additions like seams running up the back, or bows tied on the top, and so forth. One option that sounds good is to always be taking mental notes.


We are going to have to limit our next foot accessory because we would have about ten pages and that accessory is 'shoes'. Foot Fetish peeeeople get so excited over shoes because nothing really accentuates and showcases your feet more than the type of shoes you'd wear.

Just to list a few are tennis shoes, boots, heels, slides, wedges, slip ons like Vans or Toms, pumps, crocs, stilettos, flip flops, and the list goes on.

One with Foot Fetish is particular in their tastes of colour, style, open or closed toe, length of heel, thickness of bottoms, strappy vs. no straps, what part of the foot is showing, representation of the shoe which means who predominantly wears it, and that list goes on.

They might act like your shoes are no big deal but to them, they are a big deal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common interests within foot fetishes?

Foot fetishes can vary widely, but common interests include admiration of bare feet, toenails (polished or natural), wearing specific types of socks or hosiery, jewellery like toe rings or anklets, and even the types of shoes worn. Understanding and respecting your partner's specific preferences is key to a fulfilling experience.

How can our sex toys make your foot fetish play better?

AdultLuxe offers a variety of sex toys that can be creatively integrated into foot fetish activities. For example, the VEDO LIKI Rechargeable Flicker Vibe's fluttering silicone tongue can be used to tease and stimulate the feet and toes. This toy is only recommended if you want to add a unique sensation that's different from manual touches or licks.

Is using lube recommended for foot fetish activities?

Yes, using lube can enhance foot fetish play, especially when aiming for sensations that mimic a wet tongue or other moist touches. A high-quality water-based lubricant from AdultLuxe can ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience without damaging the toys, like the VEDO LIKI, or causing discomfort.

Can foot jewellery or tattoos be part of foot fetish play?

Absolutely! Many individuals with a foot fetish appreciate the aesthetic enhancement that jewellery, like toe rings and anklets, or foot tattoos bring to the experience. These adornments can accentuate the beauty of the feet and add a personal touch that many find highly attractive.

How do I introduce my partner to my foot fetish?

Communication is essential. Approach the topic with openness and sensitivity, expressing your interests and desires honestly while being respectful of your partner's feelings and boundaries. Share what aspects of foot fetishism appeal to you and discuss how you might explore this interest together. Remember, consent and mutual enjoyment are paramount.


Exploring foot fetishism with respect, communication, and creativity can significantly enhance intimacy, bringing partners closer through shared experiences and mutual fulfilment.

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