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Foot fetish 101: Part 1

Crystal Hemworth |

It may seem strange to read anything about foot sex given that it comes from our personal experience mostly. Now, we are not claiming to be an expert on the subject but thanks to an encounter I, the writer, had with a man. It clearly has developed a strong foot fetish or at least a strong appreciation for the foot fetish.

We think our foot fetish is not that we like guys' feet or even girls' feet, but we are aroused by guys or girls liking and wanting our feet. Technically, I guess you would call it a "reverse foot fetish." We think that control and maybe dominance is where the excitement lies.

After taking thorough mental notes from that experience and reading other people's opinion on some foot loving, we are going to share with you what we think a foot lover likes.

If you are not aroused by feet, then this blog is probably not for you. If you have anything to add or suggest, feel free to comment below or email us!

Why the feet?

We believe foot fetish people enjoy the total submission of a nice cute or sexy pair of feet because, first, we believe the feet represent the "lowest" part of a female yet have a very distinctive feminine quality.

That feminine quality separates our; Pussy Owners feet from Cock Owners feet. We are the ones who have the smaller more dainty features like..

  • We are the only ones who wear toe nail polish
  • We are the only ones who wear nylons or heels, and so forth
  • We are the ones with toenail or feet accessories

When we say lowest, we are referring to the closest to the ground by proximity. Just by anatomical location alone, feet get the "dirtiest" quicker than any other part of the female anatomy. Yet, its a fetish mostly because one could see them.

Do you think thats true though?

If people walked on their hands, we might be discussing why so many of them have a "hand fetish." 

The Stigma

We, females also need to remove the stigma that a guy who likes feet is weird or a pervert. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If he loves feet, is that any different than if he loved your tits, vagina, or ass? Sure it's not a traditional "sexual" body part but that just means it's not traditional to us. We might not think like that, so therefore we might think it's strange. Is it any stranger than if we liked big cocks, or nice smiles, or big thighs, or tight asses, or muscular bodies? Absolutely not.

If someone likes your feet, then flaunt them. A persons number one sexual sense is sight. They like what they see.


How to get started?

You have to start by keeping those feet looking good

Keep them clean!

The first step in using your feet as part of your sex life is cleanliness. You need to keep your feet clean and bathed. Now, we know some people like "dirty" feet but there are two types of dirty feet and the type that foot fetish guys enjoy are the ones that have some wear or dirt on the bottoms not the kind that are unclean.

"Unclean" is if you haven't showered in two days and "dirty" is if you have some dark wear from your flip flops or they are sweaty from wearing your boots at work. Cleanliness also keeps your feet sanitary and that is important because if he is a licker or sucker, he will stay healthy and we can get more into that later.

Lets groom them.

The second step in preparing to use your feet as part of your sex life is grooming. You must have well-groomed and presentable feet. The toenails need to be prepared and they need to be sexy with toenail polish, French tips, or just naturally shown. Your toenails should be trimmed neatly and without fungus or discolouration. Your feet need to be smooth and without blemishes such as callouses or bumps.

Put in the effort

Girls, we need to make our feet just as desirable as our body and faces and to do this we need to put time in our feet with pedicures and products just as we would with anything else. 

Preferences of your partner

The third step in using your feet as part of your sex life is flexibility. No, We are not referring to the ability to stretch but we are talking about adapting your feet to your partners taste. For your lover to truly enjoy your feet, you need to simply, adapt your feet to "what they like." We have come to know that guys with a foot fetish are very specific in their "likes."

Those specifics can range from particular colours of nail polish, to certain shoes, heels, socks, nylons, etc. We will discuss more on the specific of each one later in this writing.

A little bit of teasing goes a looooong way

When we use the word "teasing" we are not just referring to flaunting your feet without deliverance. We are referring to your ability to start, continue, or enhance your lover's interest and arousal in using your feet as part of the sexual persona.

The key to good teasing has three components.

  • The first, is it needs to be sincere. There is nothing that one hates worse than if they feel you are teasing but your heart and sincerity aren't in it and you are just doing it for their purposes.
  • The second component needs to be the element of surprise. If they have to tell you when and what to say, then that destroys the spontaneity and excitement.
  • The last component to good teasing is variety. Don't get caught doing the same thing over and over. Mix it up and sometimes just be flat out kinky and off the wall. They will absolutely go nuts. They need to reciprocate those components back to us in our desires.

There are several ways to tease your partner and like we mentioned before, use all their senses, but because their number one sense is vision, never stop showing them what they are missing and their reward. 

5 ways you can tease your partner using your feet

We are going to discuss several examples, that we have personally used, of how you could tease your partner with your feet, (mine being a cock owner.)

  • You are sitting there wincing and rubbing your own feet when you ask, "Honey, I'm not used to my heels yet (any shoe that you wore that day) and my feet are so sore and tense, do you think you can give me one of your slow foot massages that you are so good at?" Then you point your foot at him.
  • You and your lover are eating and conversing at a table while facing each other. You slyly remove your shoe and slowly take your foot and first, play "footsie" with his foot, proceed up his leg, and eventually ending up on his crotch through his pants. You then proceed to give him a "cock massage" with your foot. We have had a guy actually cum in his pants from this. You can also do that while you are sitting together on the couch, bed, or floor together.

  • When you are putting on your socks or hose, lift your leg skyward, point your toe, and slide them on real slow while he watches. You won't have to say a word, his eyes and mouth will speak for you. Remember, a lot of toe pointing is a good thing to a someone who likes feet.
  • You say, "Baby, my feet are cold. Would you suck on my toes and warm them up, please?"
  • Allow him to get his phone out and conduct a little photo shoot of your feet, dressed and posed as he wishes. This is a great way to tease him.

These are just 5 out of hundreds of ways you can initiate or tease your foot loving partner and enhance their sexual arousal. If your partner loves feet, then use that as your weapon. Be creative and kinky. 

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