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Facesitting 101 - The Basics of Climaxing Through Intimate Experiences!

Crystal Hemworth |

I had always been a confident and a sexually adventurous person, I loved trying new things in the bedroom, but there was one thing that always made me feel self-conscious: that was my partner going down on me.

It seemed like no matter who I was with, they never quite hit the spot. I would fake it, but deep down I knew something was missing. I started to wonder if there was something wrong with me or if I was just too difficult to please and one fine day, I read something on  "The Art of Cunnilingus." 

It promised to teach anyone how to give mind-blowing oral sex to their partner. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try. Turns out that there were so many things I didn't know about my own body and what felt good. 

Armed with this newfound knowledge, and experiencing a mind-blowing pleasure that left me shaking and breathless, I finally understood the importance of knowing how to lick a Vagina/Pussy properly. 

It wasn't just about pleasing someone - it was about understanding my own body and being able to communicate my needs effectively.

So.. I am here today at AdultLuxe, answering all the common questions when it comes to Pussy Eating Or let’s stick to..FaceSitting! 

Let me start with,

Would your partner be pleased if you asked them to sit on your face? 

Well, ask yourself this question before you make any moves. Make sure that you are being respectful, and the Pussy-Owner’s pleasure is at the forefront of your thoughts. 

If they say yes, then be mindful of how far they are willing to go; arousal or orgasm? Keep a steady hand and be patient - think about their needs, not just your own.

What Way Should they Sit—Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl?

When it comes to positioning, you and the Vulva Owner will often favor a “cowgirl”-style sitting arrangement. This enables them to gaze into your face while experiencing pleasure, which can be both arousing and informative—it also allows you to tell if they are enjoying what you’re doing. 

Another way for the Vulva Owner to position themselves is by selecting “reverse cowgirl”; here they will have an access to you but from a different angle: facing towards your toes (and private bits!). 

With that, If they see a Penis Owner all erect when being licked, they might consider it as a compliment!

Lastly, few positions offer the same level of pleasure that can be achieved with a Pussy-Possessor sitting atop you. Not only does it allow you to enjoy the warmth of their  body while feeling every movement they make, but it can also be incredibly intimate as your eyes meet and lips lock as if no one else were present. 

If smothering is desired or anal stimulation is preferred, this style choice proves ideal due to the additional pressure and benefits that come along with it..

Time to Decide: When Positioned in Reverse Cowgirl, Who Gets to Touch Whom?

When the Steward of Fertility takes the reverse cowgirl position, remember that it is their decision to touch. One might touch you or maybe ask you to take care of it yourself. It could be exciting for them to watch you masturbate and they may even give you the go-ahead to finish before the final climax. 

On the other hand, if the Pussy-Owner decides to move into a sixty-nine, always be sure to offer them an orgasm (if that was previously agreed upon) before allowing your own.

Ready to Put Your Hands Where They Belong? 

Put your hands where they belong - on their body! Start by caressing and playing with the breasts and nipples, maybe? This will show your partner that you're ready to take things to the next level. If they don't want it, you’ll pretty much know by them brushing away your hand and giving out a sign or two of such kind.  

It goes without saying that consent  >>> is a priority, and something that should never be overlooked

For many V-Owners, face sitting is a way to take control of the situation and make their partner feel powerless. This creates a sense of power, as they may have complete control over their partner's movements and sensations. 

Have you ever wondered if there is a technique to Face Sitting and/or Pussy Licking?

Developing the perfect technique for satisfying a ‘vagina’ while they are sitting on your face can be challenging..

Begin with kissing or licking the insides of their thighs and work your way to the junction where the thigh meets their groin. Lick their labia, slowly. Let them anticipate.

Slowly insert your tongue inside; depth at this point is immaterial; Pussy Owner will let you know as you continue on how often and how far to probe. "Lap" at their slit, dipping your tongue in them.
    If they’re not aroused enough for the clitoris to be exposed, use your fingers to open to expose the clitoral hood. Use your tongue, licking lightly until the clitoris is exposed. (The Pussy Owner might enjoy it if you intermittently probe them with your tongue when you lick their clitoris.)
      If you don't pay attention to or lick them as quickly as they want, the Vagina Possessor might open themselves to expose it. Take this as your cue to pay more attention to it.
        Pace is important; don't rush it, let them enjoy the sensations you provide with your tongue. Continue to alternate between probing them with your tongue and licking their clitoris.
          When there is an indication that the pleasure is increasing, perhaps evidenced by moaning or putting pressure on your face, you might consider softly humming on their clitoris. Some V-Owners find this exhilarating if it is done at the height of pleasure. Doing so might or might not induce orgasm; follow instincts based on reaction and body movements.
            They might tell you verbally sometime during the process if they want to change what you are doing - obey their instructions and take mental note of what they like for future reference.
              One might ask or tell you to use one finger or more to probe vagina while you lick - awkward position but do best to comply. They might also tell or ask for one finger or more in anus - easier in either position - comply if desired/requested.
                Eventually, you’ll know by the Pussy Possessors Body movement when they’re about to finish. If not, vouch for communicating the same.

                  What is the After Glow like?

                  Is there even an afterglow following a steamy session of face fucking? Of course! Once they’ve finished, they may choose to linger on your face until they feel ready to move on. One might even entertain the idea of having you continue for another round (or more!). 

                  This is a clear sign that you've pleased them, so don't hesitate to follow the Possessors lead and bask in the pleasure.

                  Exploring Alternatives: Sex Toy Options for a Similar Experience to FaceSitting

                  While FaceSitting is amazing in its own right, we have three incredible sex toys that can give you an equally amazing experience. Say hello to the VibePad 2, Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush Ride and Grind, and Lust Remote Control Dual Rider - these bad boys can provide you with the same level of excitement and pleasure as a FaceSitting session. Give them a try and see for yourself!

                  VibePad 2 Grind Vibrator

                  With warming and licking functions, this velvety soft silicone toy adapts perfectly to your desires. You can enjoy hands-free bliss by placing it on a flat surface, while two waves and the vibratory tongue deliver powerful sensations, all controlled by a convenient remote. It's not just for one gender, as everyone can find pleasure with the Vibepad 2.

                  Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush Ride and Grind

                  With dual motors and 10 vibration patterns, it stimulates your clitoris, teases the vaginal opening, and even provides a cheeky anal treat. Rocks Off Ruby Glow Blush is crafted from body-safe silicone and ABS, specifically designed for safety and durability.

                  You can let your partner take control or enjoy deep stimulation with this aesthetically pleasing, hands-free vibrator. It can also be used as a waterproof wand for G-spot pleasure. Sounds fun, right?

                  Lust Remote Control Dual Rider

                  This dual motor massager offers 12 intense vibration functions, teasing textures, and a sensually contoured design. Along with the waterproof feature and a range of up to 32.5 feet, one indulge in pleasure wherever they desire. It is also crafted with hypoallergenic silicone and is rechargeable - inviting a long-lasting stimulation.


                  It's great to see that you are actively seeking feedback and suggestions to improve your or your partner’s face sitting experience. We, at AdultLuxe, welcome feedback from all individuals, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, to further improve our understanding and approach. 

                  Let's continue to prioritize open communication and mutual pleasure in our intimate experiences.

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