Topics To Discuss With Your Partner Before You Get Intimate

Emily Ray |

Fantasies and Desires

One of the top pieces of advice that sex educators give is communication, and discussing your fantasies and desires is one of the most important ones. Boundaries is also essential, as are a plethora of other types of communication. By talking about your desires and your fantasies with your partner, you’re more likely to open up common ground and adventurous exploration. The sex toys here can also be a source of inspiration. Check out the couple sex toys, lingerie and clothing, anal sex toys, and bondage fetish and kink toys.


When communicating with sex partners, boundaries are an essential part of the equation. Utilize your talk time to discuss potential triggers, things you like to try in this particular session, and to express if there are things you are open to trying on this particular day, but potentially not on another. Boundaries are an important part of consent, and if a person tells you that they have no boundaries at all, take more time to discuss what this means to them. Most people have boundaries, though it may take some pretty extreme sex in order to find out a person’s limitations in rare occasions. Either way, make sure to start slowly and build into new sexual experiences. This is true if you have a regular partner or if you have a one night stand.    

Sexual Past and Present

Safe sex is a priority, and there are many parts to this. Contraception and other types of prophylactics are important, as is discussing a person’s sexual past and present. Knowing if a person has active sex partners other than you can help you properly gauge your risk and be aware of it more. Knowing a person’s sexual past can be less important if a person is being tested regularly, which is recommended.


In most cases, contraception and other forms of protection are highly recommended by sex educators, and a fantastic way to protect yourself. Female condoms, male condoms, and other forms of contraception and protection such as birth control can be part of a person’s safe sex arsenal.

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