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Top 3 Exciting Kinks Making Their Way in the Digital Space

Crystal Hemworth |

While it's true that anyone can practice any kink in a virtual setting, some are just simpler to pull off than others. Well, that’s also because, when a different person is welcomed into the mix, things become a little more challenging.

Online kink normally calls for a measure of trust that the other person is who they say they are and will deliver on their promises. Also, depending on the Tops approach, the kink they find online can happen to be quite serious.

Now, what do we mean by ‘quite serious?’

While some kinksters may only be interested in one-time online scenes, others may become emotionally invested in the play and the partner which is important to communicate with each other as soon as they realize such.

We also believe that it is extremely important to negotiate what will and won't be done before the start of a ‘Kink’ session for both offline and online meet-ups.

One must feel comfortable trusting their partner to respect all boundaries. If any red flags or uncomfortable gut feelings arise, just keep in mind that it is okay (and in your best interest) to move on to the next potential partner.

Nevertheless, despite these cautions, we’ve listed down three top kinks that can be performed entirely online.

Power Exchange

Is playing in person any different for a Dominant-Submissive (D/S) relationship? 

Yes and we won’t deny that a D’s relationship is more comforting in person as the sense of touch (and therefore, care) from the dominating partner is present.

But is there an option to avoid meeting in person and still play online while enjoying a very real version of a D/S relationship? Absolutely.

The Dom can take the first step in the same direction by issuing instructions or setting expectations, and then have faith in their partner to carry out the activity on their own.

To make this more fun and believable, one can always ask for photographic or video-graphic evidence, but there always remains the question of whether or not the Sub will follow through on their word. And, come on, let's not kid ourselves here... if there’s no trust in between the D and S, it’s just not happening.

Either way, the convenient option of video calls is always open because it’s better than not seeing them at all, RIGHT?

While the power exchange feels like a high that you don’t want to get off from, we cannot even ignore the potential downside of this, which is, people can easily lie here. They make false claims about their identities, intentions, and timelines. And that holds on both ends of the slash.

So, one must make sure they know they are not inviting the consequences that are so not worth the few moments of pleasure.

If anything, you ‘should’ be very wary until they prove themselves trustworthy.


Orgasm Control

Since we’re in the 21st century, there is always technology to get kink on in all the exciting ways.

One of them is "Orgasm Control," which has become known to be the ability to remotely control your partner's sex toy or grant an access to vibrator's settings via a mobile app.

Isn't that mind blowing?

Well, Tech savvies have been using the term ‘teledildonics' for it.

Allowing your partner to "drive" sexual pleasure is possible now with products like Lovense, We-Vibe, Satisfyer,  and Kiiroo.

From divine clit vibration to ergonomic G-spot hits to anal and penis stimulation, the toy line caters to almost every body type and need.

It’s difficult to pick something out from among all the tempting options available out there in the market, but we believe one’s sex toy exploration must begin with:

Lovense Lush 3

Besides it being our personal favorite app-controlled egg vibrator, this is Lovense's best-selling product worldwide.

What’s so special about this one?

Well, this vibrant hot pink vibe features a smooth and silky surface made of silicone, which offers the maximum level of comfort.

When we say "maximum," we mean that one will not feel any discomfort from having it in for about 8 hours before it starts to vibrate. It’s amazing how potent this seemingly harmless plaything can be.

Lovense Lush 3 can help the Sub feel the rumbly, divine vibration all the way down to their sweet spot. Although the insertable portion is only about 1.4 by 3.14 inches, it is more than enough to wiggle around in there and invoke some moaning.

By linking the toy to the free Lovense App, users are able to make an endless variety of patterns and it comes with an alarming function that allows for a shaking vibration to wake you up.

And that's not the final act!

This item will bring back many fond memories for the couple, whether they’re in a long-distance relationship or just want to have a little fun in public.

Looks like it’s time to give the Top free reign to push the Sub to the limit - wherever and whenever they like.

Lovense Gravity - Thrusting Dildo

The Lovense Gravity is the newest and most advanced model from the brand's collection of best-selling sex toys.

Gravity is a hands-free, automatic vibrating thruster that combines a slick, pulsating shaft with pinpointed vibrations for a notably satisfying experience. In addition to being completely programmable, it has three different power settings and can be operated remotely using an app. Just tweak it to meet your needs and enjoy long, satisfying sexual encounters.

When it comes to thrusting, you can anticipate that this new vibrator will thrust a total of 1.18 inches at speeds of up to 140 strokes per minute, which is quite quick. You're free to take things at your own pace if that's how you like it.

Oh, and, and did we mention? It has a total length of 9.2 inches from end to end. HOT, right?

The portion that can be inserted provides a decent penetration depth of approximately 5 inches, which is approximately the average size of men's penises across the globe.

Those who have tried dildos of this type may be debating whether or not to switch brands.

You should give Gravity a shot, but before you toss out your other machines, make sure you're satisfied with every feature it has to offer.

Satisfyer Pro 3+

If you're is looking for a sex toy that works by stimulating the clitoris, you must look no further than the Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration.

This clitoral stimulator is the next generation of Satisfyer's pressure-wave vibrators, and it comes with an improved design and an extra vibration mode.

The toy's head is now larger and wider with a vibrating lay-on head and a pressure-wave stimulator that work together to effectively stimulate the clitoris without making physical contact.

It comes with two separate motors that can be used together or separately at user's discretion.There are ten different settings, providing the opportunity to experiment and find the combination that works the best.

Satisfyer Pro 3+ users  can independently adjust the pressure-wave and vibration settings, they’ll have 110 possible permutations to play around with.

Sounds exciting, right?

Now, once the Dom gets his or her hands on the toy that works the best for their partners, they can tease and keep them on edge for hours, if not days, and then when the stimulation is turned up to 11, they purposely will overwhelm their Sub into a few obedient orgasms.

*evil grin*

To make matters worse (in our opinion), they can turn it down so low that the partner will continuously be teased before the vibrations are cut it off completely.

There is, of course, always some degree of danger when doing anything so both the partners involved must make sure they know what they’re doing.

Financial Domination

Dominance in the financial world is increasingly taking place online, though it can also take place in person. Submissives who participate in financial domination, also known as ‘FinDom,’ are subject to a specific type of power exchange with their Doms.

The Dom or Domme may be doing this as a form of tribute or gift. It can also be part of a CNC scene where blackmail is involved. In some cases, a payer may be subjected to erotic humiliation to "demand" the money. It could be any one of these odd possibilities, or a combination of them, or something else entirely. For the most part, though, the submissive partner allows the dominant to have more say over financial matters.

Curious kinksters can use guides to the FinDom scene to learn more about it and how to get involved.

It's convenient to do this online because it usually only takes a few taps on our phones to send payments, make tributes, or buy presents. Partners may only know each other through online kink communities but their shared kink can still create a strong bond between them.

Despite the widespread (and often negative) perception of financial dominance, some people enjoy it as a sexual activity and/or kink.

As with all kinks, both partners face risks of, one being:

  • There is a risk that submissives will overspend during a subfrenzy.

Simply put, what is the meaning of the term "sub-frenzy"?

Many new Submissives experience a phenomenon known as sub-frenzy. It's the initial surge of intense craving for kink that can cause one to temporarily lose all sense of responsibility and focus on their sexual needs.

A lot of us mull over Submission for quite some time before we go out and seek it, and when we do, it can feel like the world has been turned upside down for us.

The experience has the potential to absorb the Submissive entirely. It feels like the Submissive is consumed with BDSM to the point of distraction.

  • Kinksters should not share their bank information to someone they’ve just met or who they only know through the internet. (It's not a good idea to do it in person either unless they’ve already shared a great dynamic with that person, they’re married to them, their money is combined or they trust each other implicitly.)
  • Both parties need to have a firm understanding of the boundaries of their relationship. Boundaries and limits on both sides of the slash should be respected at any cost.


Bottom Line

Of course, there are an infinite number of ways to get kinky, and most of them can take place online in one or the other form. 

It does not matter if one reads a bit of smut or watches porn and gets off from it or engages in some other form of online kink.

What matters is that they should not dismiss kink that takes place online as "not real" just because it's not happening face-to-face.

Many kinkgoers feel an intense sense of reality when they experience it. Both psychologically and, at times, quite physically.

Yes, there are dangers in investigating BDSM on the internet, as well as in person. This is why one must effectively interact, establish safe boundaries, discuss what will and will not take place, and not be afraid to reject a partner or a style of play if it makes them feel uncomfortable.

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