Oral Sex: Tips and Tricks

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Learning is an experience that extends throughout a person’s life, and when it comes to sex and sexuality continuing education is essential. There are thousands of tips people can utilize when it comes to oral sex, and AdultLuxe brings some of the most prominent ones to the forefront. Tons of people are getting off hard from oral sex every day, and being able to communicate tips like these, as well as your desires, is a crucial part of the process. Communication between you and your sexual partners can enhance your experiences, plus there are other tips and tricks you can use to go on an even better sexual adventure.


When it comes to doing oral sex on a woman, learning anatomy can have a big impact. Explore where the clit is, how to gently stretch some of the skin around it to get more access, and make sure to play nice. Most women like very light movements. Communicating with your partner is the top way to learn what they like; each person is different. Keep in mind that you can pair oral sex with sex toys as well, eating them out while penetrating them with a toy or even fingers if they would like.

In addition to focusing on the clit, you can insert your tongue into the pussy and use your hands to create sensations other places. Whether on the inside of the thighs, on the nipples, down the side of the body, or even the derriere, people often get off with sensations that are coming from multiple places at the same time.

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Blow Jobs

The same is true for blowjobs. There are many places on the penis that can be stimulated, including balls, the head, and the shaft itself. There is a sensitive area just below the head of the penis that loves to be explored, and utilizing sounds can also enhance the experience. If you have an extra hand, take some time to explore other areas of the body. Many men love to have their nipples played with, their ass grabbed, and nails running down different areas of their body. Remember, communication is key.  Always ask for consent prior to exploration and then, have a wonderful time.

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