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Making Your Sex Toys Famous: A Guide to Taking The Perfect (Instagram) Picture of Your Collection

Natali Greco |

These days, it seems like "if you didn't post it, it didn't happen" or you don't have it, and at AdultLuxe, we think that is 100% okay! We've been gifted with the ability to share endlessly throughout our daily lives, so why not take advantage?! We love to see our friends' puppies doing a cute trick, their babies standing up for the same time, kisses filled with passionate love, and trips we can only dream of going on (at the moment). Whatever it is, we support it! And of course, we also love to see our friends' collections as well. Whether they're sharing privately, on instagram, Tik-Tok, or Reddit, we're here to cheer on all sorts of creativity.


We are part of such an amazing, supportive, welcoming community on Reddit specifically, that we wanted to give back with a blog dedicated to those who like to share. If you've been waiting for the right time to post  your impressive colorful collection, this is your sign! Creating aesthetically pleasing content does not have to be expensive or complicated. You're most likely to be able to find all the tools right in your home... after all, the main character(s) is truly all that matters 😉. Thus, without further ado, tips on how to best take pictures for Social Media:

Use natural light

Natural light is the best source of light for photography. Whenever possible, try to take photos in natural light, such as near a window or outside. If natural light is unavailable, use a ring light (either small phone attachment or full size tripod ring light). Either way, make sure to shut off all other sources of light, such as windows if you're using a ring light or lamps if you're using natural sunlight.

Use a simple background

A simple background will help your subject stand out and be the main focus of the photo. Consider using a blank wall, a plain backdrop, or a single color sheet. When choosing the color, make sure it contrasts your toys or gadgets. Some other great options for adding texture as well are white fuzzy blankets/carpets, neutral color comforters or pillows (especially white), or a fun vibrant pillow/sheet that contrasts the sex toy's color(s). Silk clothes are also a fantastic background for sex toys -- they scream "sexy"!

Frame your subject

Think about how you want to frame your subject before taking the picture. You can use the rule of thirds to help you position your subject in the frame. The rule of thirds is a composition guideline used in photography, design, and art that instructs us to divide the image into a grid of nine equal parts and place the most important elements along these lines or at their intersections, but not in the center.

The rule of thirds helps you create a more visually interesting and dynamic composition and avoid taking a picture that looks boring and static. To use the rule of thirds, you can turn on the grid feature on your camera or imagine the grid in your mind while taking the photo.

Use editing tools

There are a lot of great editing tools available to help you enhance your photos. Instagram itself has a variety of editing features, or you can use third-party apps like VSCO or Snapseed. a good filter never hurt anybody, but don't over do it! Too many alterations can end up hurting your picture. Some touch ups and lighting adjustments might be all you need.

Tell a story

Instagram is a great platform for storytelling, but so are Tik-Tok and Reddit if you're in the right community. Sit down and really think about the story you want to tell with your photo, and use the caption to add more context and meaning to the image, or simply use props (more on these later) and leave the story up for interpretation!

Experiment with angles

Don't be afraid to experiment with different angles when taking photos. Try shooting from above, below, or at a unique angle to create an interesting perspective. Make sure to also experiment with different focuses and blurs!

Zoom in and out at said different angles to capture your sex toys from all perspectives. When choosing angles, you can also get creative with placement. Props like jewelry, perfume bottles, and lingerie can be placed for different focus angles, especially when going for a luxury and/or mysterious vibe.

Keep it simple

Sometimes the best photos are the simplest ones. Don't overthink your photos or try to do too much. Keep it simple and let your toy(s) shine! Remember, all that matters is that you have fun and that you like the results.

      And with that being said, you are now a professional sex toy photographer, at least in our eyes 😉. And if you'd like an even larger audience, we're always looking for collaborations! Simply DM us and let's chat! ❤️


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