How To Train Yourself To Last Longer in Bed: An Exclusive About MyHixel TR!

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We all know the story, a man and a woman meet, they find that spark within each other, they decide to take the next step and bam, there's trouble in paradise. There's always one thing or the other going wrong in such stories. Either he cheats or she is unhappy...yada yada yada and when one day these people stop waking up on the wrong side of the bed, we hear a happy ending. Well, this article is not about to launch into a sad story turned happy. No, on the other hand it's going to talk about how sad stories actually become happier. And how gadgets, particular to this story, how MyHixel TR for Men helps give many stories such happy endings.

It's no secret that people like having good sex. Anyone who says sex is not that important in relationships is either lying or has a great vibrator hidden in their bedside drawer. Bottom-line is, men have had to face both insecurities and trouble, heartaches aside, for not being able to perform well in bed. To sit and highlight these problems faced by men would take more time than what we have. A man and a woman have already met somewhere - the spark has been lighted - bliss is at times attained and other times not - and the problems have begun (tadadada). So now let's skip to the solutions then.

Why do men need help in the matter of PE?

Did you really think this article wouldn't discuss the problems faced by men due to premature ejaculation? One out of three men face the problem of PE at least at some point in their life. It's often waved off as something that happened, maybe, one time or twice. By the time PE is taken seriously, it might be too late. Many men do not even realize that they might have a problem. But for the men who do realize that they suffer from PE, their confidence level drops drastically. And it's not just about being confident, losing sexual pleasure is a huge loss for anyone to bear...not many things in this life are as fun as having satisfying sex!

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This article by Venus O'Hara starts off by saying how once she had orgasmed before she wanted to and how frustrating it was, even though she is a woman. Fast and intense organs are something craved by women, but not having control over your sexual satisfaction...how can that be fun? It is only imaginable what men with PE must go through. You want to savour each moment and make it last just a little longer to take the full pleasure of it, but alas, the mind wants one thing and the body does another. This is where the MyHixel TR for Men comes into picture, this wonderful machine cum sex toy is here to train your body to go in synch with your mind.

What is MyHixel TR?

By using heat and vibration, MyHixel TR for Men realistically stimulates the feel of the inside of a female vagina. The vibrations are oh so subtle and are for your pleasure (this medical device is a also a revolutionary sex toy, after all) and you can pair this device with the MyHixel Play App. MyHixel TR is an app based toy to help cure PE and control men's climax and since it is approved by FDA, it's completely safe to use.

MyHixel TR can be used to treat PE in men with the help of some exercises. These aren't the 'break your back' or 'sweat all day' types of exercises but more like fun games that you can get access to by using the MyHixel app. These gamified and personalized climax control training programs help delay the trigger reflex for ejaculation. These exercises actually help train your body and mind to synchronise with each other. With time and with these progressive exercises, you learn to identify and control your pelvic muscles that are responsible for men's ejaculation.

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How does the MyHixel TR work?

As this device is a part of the training program that helps men with PE, the specific heating feature is something to pay close attention to. The heat in this device is to replicate the internal body temperature of a female. Men use this device for masturbation and record their progress using the tracking features in MyHixel Play App. The training exercises guide you on how to increase the time men take to climax and that's how you train your body to delay climax. Evaluation of the progress is extremely easy to note using the MyHixel Play App.

MyHixel MED and MyHixel TR are two distinct climax control programs available in the MyHixel Play App. Even though both these programs are based on the same scientific methods, MyHixel MED is for the more severe cases. In case you ejaculate within 3 minutes, you'd need the MyHixel MED for extreme measures. MyHixel TR is for anyone who wants to delay the climax and have fun with these climax control gaming apps.

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In order to control your climax, you must follow the routines suggested to you while using the MyHixel TR for Men. The sexual therapists and medical design team of urologists behind the mechanism of MyHixel TR say that it takes about 8 to 10 weeks for men to see the results.

Some other advantages of MyHixel TR!

Besides helping with the PE, to say the very first thing, MyHixel TR for Men is extremely easy to clean. And it's made with extremely soft, safe and adaptable material for optimum comfort during use. To add to this list is the fact that the MyHixel Play App is completely anonymous, even the developers wouldn't know who the user is. This is possible because with each package of MyHixel TR for Men comes a unique code that is known only to the user. The app demands this code in order to personalize and set up the training exercises and that's how you begin your own exercises for climax control!

MyHixel TR for Men can also be used to test out ED (erectile dysfunction) meds. You could take the meds and try out the exercises to see how much the meds enhance your performance. This YouTube video uploaded by MyHixel explains the uses and the idea behind this fun medical device, if you aren't convinced yet, maybe this video will convince you of the wonders of MyHixel TR.

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MyHixel TR Review: Is MyHixel TR worth it?

Well, if you read the elaborate and informative article by Venus O'Hara that has been mentioned above, you already know a bit about how wonderful this sex toy is. But if it's taking every last fibre in your body to sit still patiently and read through even this article that you're reading now...how about a quick YouTube video review?

But if you're hell bent on going nowhere else, the verdict would be that yes, MyHixel TR for Men is totally worth it. The mechanism is ideal to train your body into listening to your brain. You'll be able to control when you cum. For time immemorial men have been told they have no control over when they ejaculate...but that's not true! It's bizarre to think you can actually see results, I know! But continued use of MyHixel has proven to be effective. Practice sure does make a man.

And ah, go ahead and be sure to read these very genuine reviews from people who've tried and tested the MyHixel TR themselves to know what we're talking about!

Where do I find this revolutionary MyHixel TR?

AdultLuxe is actually one of the few websites from where you can bag a MyHixel TR! There's also an official website for MyHixel TR but it's recommended to go with a website you trust in case need arises to return, exchange or to solve any other shipping crisis!

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