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How App and Remote Controlled Sex Toys Can Greatly Enhance Your Love Life

by Emily Ray on April 14, 2021

Want to experience all the joy and excitement that once was reserved for only the wealthiest harem owners? Thanks to modern sex tech, and the invention of the “digital leash” you can finally enjoy total control over your partner’s pleasure even if they aren’t in your immediate presence.

A new wave of apps and remotely controlled sex toys are turning away time into playtime. Now when you have your phone in your hand, you can casually caress her clit, or probe her with whisper quiet vibrations that will arouse her whether she is across the dinner table from you, out shopping with her friends or anywhere else.

Many of these devices can make use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular signals. Most allow you to pre-record vibration patterns of your own creation and all are made with hypoallergenic materials designed to be worn all day. Why accept “I cant right now” for an answer, when you could just take out your phone and decide how to please her on your own schedule.

A quick word of caution: having a remote controlled sex toy inserted at work can make for some pretty happy accidents in your office. Nothing sparks your attention during a meeting like having your labia trembling under the digital touch of your favorite lover, but you’ll need to learn to hold back your blushing if you don’t want the boss to find out you just had your best orgasm of the week while he was discussing last month’s reports.

Finally a method for 24/7 power exchange couples to truly give each other total control over the sexual stimuli that affects your libido all day, all night and anywhere your master decides to make you tingle!


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