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Crank Up Your Summer Heat

Natali Greco |

Summer loving always seems so fun and romantic. Before the “hot girl summer” or “thotting” seasons were invented, summer was a season for friends and couple dates- beach days, frozen yogurt, candlelit dinner outside under the stars, and perhaps even some skinny dipping. What happened to all that romance and life. When I watch movies and shows with teenagers doing these exact things I can’t help but feel like society is going in the wrong direction. At some point in time, summer became the symbol of singlehood. Summer, apparently, is meant for being free and living life- but what or who says that can’t be done with a steaming connection?

Summertime shopping

People need to stop associating relationships with lockdown, restrictions, and limitations. The sky is always the limit for fun, success, and love. Simply having someone to share all the adventures with does not make it less fun or wild. In fact, it can be a lot more freeing if both parties are willing to experiment. Incorporating new ways to do old things, whether it’s vacation or sex, introduces an entire world of possibilities of fun! It’s all about having the right person by your side.

Couple in pond

And if you’re single, I hope you realize you’re not alone. Exploring with friends is just as fulfilling as a significant other- that is the whole point of friendships! Friends are family we choose, and many are soulmates we were always destined to meet, so why not enjoy the hot summer days with them? Anything couples do, you can do as well. Maybe not the making out (unless that is your friendship style of course), but all other activities are game.

Pineapple headphones on beach

My point is, there are 61 days left of summer left, don’t let them go to waste. Get off this screen right now and go enjoy the sunshine while listening to your favorite podcast (suggestions here), plan a trip, jump into some cold water. Whatever your taste is, feed it, please it! Countdown is on. Ready? Set. Go!

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