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AdultLuxe partners with Cloverly to offset its carbon footprint

by Crystal Hemworth on September 12, 2021 is proud to announce the partnership with to do their part in making the environment and the world better for everyone. AdultLuxe was built on the idea of sustainable growth and partnering up with Cloverly is a small step in that direction. 

Recently having secured a fresh round of funding, Cloverly is best known for creating a positive change in the environment by offsetting the carbon footprint for any e-retail store or company they come in partnership with. Cloverly’s technology helps companies in going greener and making the environment healthier and safer.

The basic idea of the partnership is to offset the carbon footprint generated for the transportation of AdultLuxe’s products and make the environment greener. AdultLuxe will be purchasing (RECs) Renewable Energy Credits or carbon credits on every transaction made through its website by its customers and Cloverly will use it to invest in green offset projects. There are a lot of projects that Cloverly has identified throughout the globe and has been very successful in offsetting the total carbon footprint. It has also been successful in making a large number of companies go greener.

“We are excited to have partnered with Cloverly and we are hoping that we will be able to deliver what we have in mind. If we could make even just one percent contribution in making the world a better and a healthier place then it would be our honour and our pleasure to do that” said Jason Wilcox, founder of "With Cloverly’s Transparent Reporting system, our customers can request a receipt of the carbon offset and see how they have helped in taking a small step towards bettering the environment.”

“We are exhilarated to declare the collaboration and we aspire to attain our objectives through having more and more companies like AdultLuxe on board with us .” Cloverly said in a release. 


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