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What Does Sex Feel Like?

Emily Ray |

For every person out there, sex feels a little bit differently. That said, there are things that men have described in terms of sexual feelings, and women have also described their experiences in great detail. This blog explores both.

First, having an awareness that there are multiple different types of orgasms in existence is important in discussing what sex feels like. Sex, however, is not all about orgasms. There are many elements and sensations that come from non-penetrative fun. Light scratching can cause chills and get a person hard or wet, for example. Many people express that foreplay, meaning what happens before the “main course” of the sex, has an impact on their overall experience.

What It Feels Like For A Woman

There are multiple points of sensation, and with proper foreplay and build up, the point of penetration is one of the high points for many ladies. The g-spot, curled up just behind the entry point, can sometimes lead to intense feelings, and as orgasms approach many women find that the muscles between their legs start getting tighter and clenching up. Orgasm has been described as fantastic release, with many different types in existence.

What The Feels Like For A Man

These tightening muscles described in orgasms and sexual play for women sometimes will lead men closer to orgasm themselves. With penetrative sex, the wet feeling as the cock slides in is immensely pleasurable. Feeling a pussy get tighter around the cock can be an incredible time, leading closer to one of many different types of orgasm. For some guys, giving pleasure is also a fantastic turn-on. You can explore sex toys and penetration at the same time with your partner, helping them get closer to orgasm, which in turn brings you closer to orgasm as well. A wide selection of toys for this can be found at AdultLuxe. Choose a toy that is easy to hold and not too large to be used in many different sex positions.

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