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Wetter is Better…Benefits of Using Lube

by Emily Ray on March 27, 2021

After talking to hundreds of people about whether or not they use lubricant to enhance their sexual escapades one thing became clear – many people don’t understand the benefits of using lube.  Here we explore a few reasons you may want to consider keeping lube in your nightstand and also offer top picks for some brands you may enjoy for various play.

Lube Enhances Your Pleasure

Most think of lube as a necessity for those suffering from clinical dryness.  Au contraire!  Lube can be used for MANY different purposes.  These days there are hundreds of lubricants on the market – from your simple water based formula to more complex ones that offer special sensations (examples: cooling and warming), flavors and even ejaculation delay features, whether applied to the genitals or to the body, lube offers a slick and sexy addition to your otherwise everyday vanilla sex.

Lube Makes the Idea of Anal Sex Quite a Bit Less…Scary

Butt play and anal sex are significantly more enjoyable if you’re using the right kind of lubricant.  Because our anus doesn’t self lubricate the way our other anatomy may, applying a liberal amount of lube while enjoying foreplay, preparing for anal sex, or using your favorite anal sextoys is sure to provide a relaxing and sensational experience.  Choosing between a water based or silicone based lube is entirely up to your personal preference but note that most silicone based lubricants may degrade the materials of your toys.

Lubes You May Want to Try

Water Based - Jo H2O by SystemJo

Silicone Based - Mood Lube

Check out our entire selection of personal lubricants and titillating elixirs here .


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