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"Reach Out and Touch Someone" ... Interactive Intimacy

by Emily Ray on April 16, 2021

Teledildonics are the sexiest buzzword in sex toys right now, pun intended! It’s a fancy way of saying that your devices can now be controlled electronically instead of mechanically, meaning that you might plug your favorite toy into your computer and enjoy hands-free excitement as your partner takes control of all the action by adjusting the settings on your sex toy from their computer in another room… or even in another location entirely.

Just imagine turning on your webcams to see each other and allowing his mouse to effortless control the device in your pussy, probing you and exploring every sex sensation together even though you happen to be apart.

Teledildonics took a monumental step forward in recent months due to the pandemic as couples and strangers all sought out the intimacy of human touch, while finding tech savvy ways to preserve their own social distancing standards.


ESCA 2 Bluetooth Interactive Partner Vibrator With App


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It’s as easy as setting up your new toy and then passing your partner the security password so he can take control of the device. Every wiggle, rumble, vibration and pulse is pure excitement when you know it’s his hand making it all happen thanks to the miracle of modern sex toys!

Long distance relationships just got so much easier, since you can finally enjoy time together even when you are apart, and these new Teledildonics devices are each made with your maximum security, privacy, safety and intimacy in mind. See for yourself, or more importantly, feel for yourself as you share orgasmic bliss with your lover even when you aren’t anywhere near one another!


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